Friday, January 15, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler

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How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler: Glenn Greenwald
Erase and Criminalize: Chris Farrell
Jacob Blake Himself Blows Up ‘Unarmed’ Media Narrative: Tobias Hoonhaut

BLM activist charged in Capitol siege: Joseph Simonson
Schumer's left-wing Senate wish list should be dead on arrival: Examiner
Fortress DC: Capitol locked down a week ahead of inauguration: Anna Giaritelli

Mark Levin Shreds Rushed Impeachment Report Like Pelosi Ripping up a Trump SOTU Speech: RS
What You Need to Know About Democrats’ 9 Impeachment Managers: Fred Lucas
Polls on Impeachment and Trump Should Be a Wake-Up Call to Republicans: RS


My Encounter With Medicaid Is a Cautionary Tale About Biden’s Public Option: Tanner Aliff
Environmental Extremism Is Creeping Into Every Domain of Public Policy: Daren Bakst
Minnesota Law School Students Aim to ‘Cancel’ Alumna Rep. Fischbach: Rachel del Guidice

Scandal Central

Video: Note --- These rioters in the Capitol are not Trump protesters: Robert Zimmerman
Bail fund promoted by Kamala Harris won't share records of alleged criminals it sprung from jail: JTN
Trump declassifying trove of FBI memos exposing Steele's motivations, ties to impeachment witness: JTN


AOC says Congress may form commission to ‘rein in’ media after Capitol riot: Ebony Bowden
NY Post ‘Bars Reporters’ from Using CNN, MSNBC, NY Times as Primary Sources: Hannity
The Reckoning America Really Needs: Steve Salerno

The Information War: Sylvia Avery
Amazon Partner GoDaddy Deplatforms the World's Largest Gun Forum Website: RS
The Morning Briefing: Your All-Too-Frequent Reminder That Jake Tapper Is Horrible: PJM


China places citizens under lockdown as COVID-19 cases rise: Cassidy Morrison,
‘Next big step’: Experts advocate relocating Israel to US military’s Central Command: JNS
Indonesia earthquake: Sulawesi hospital among collapsed buildings: BBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Orwellian Surveillance Hell Touted As ‘Future Of Tourism’: Steve Watson
Facial recognition reveals political party in troubling new research: Devin Coldewey
Instant COVID-19 breath test as precise as swab test, Israeli company says: TOI


Why The Left Can Be Violent Morons And Destroy Stuff And You Can’t…: WZ
Libturd Thursday Extravaganza: Woodsterman
Pelosi’s ‘Impeachment Suit’ Takes on Life of Its Own: Jeffrey Lord


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BREAKING: "Russiagate Update" - Senate releases declassified Russia docs undercutting Steele dossier

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"Don't be a sucker"