Sunday, January 17, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrats prepare to cement their hold on political power forever

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Democrats prepare to cement their hold on political power forever: M. Dowling
National Discourse Chronicles: Liberty’s Torch
Joe Biden's big amnesty plan stuns even the open-borders activists for its 'boldness' and 'ambition': Monica Showalter

Biden White House chief of staff lays out executive, action-heavy, 10-day agenda: Naomi Lim
The Antifa thugs shame America: Douglas Murray
‘Walls don’t work’ update: 8-foot fences around Capitol replaced by 12-footers: Twitchy

The Trial Of Citizen Trump Would Raise Serious Constitutional Questions: Turley
GOP Leaders in D.C. Don't Represent 74 Million Trump Voters: Wayne Allyn Root
What You Need to Know About Democrats’ 9 Impeachment Managers: ArGOPWing

You Can’t ‘Just Build Your Own Twitter’: Robert Mariani
Big Tech declares war: 'Woke capitalism instead of freedom': Valerie Richardson
More U.S. Military Troops Needed To Install Joe Biden Than We Have in Afghanistan: CTH


Amazon Goes Mad?: James V. DeLong
Everything Is Broken: Alana Newhouse
Trump Administration Accomplishments: White House

Scandal Central

Our Mounting Orwellian Nightmare: Jeffrey Folks
Reckless Courts Codify Chaos: Julie Kelly
The full story of 'Crossfire Hurricane' exposed: Sean Hannity

Senate Releases Report Outlining Biden Family Selling U.S. Policy for Personal, Financial Gain: CTH
CIA refuses to say whether it framed Russia for leaked DNC emails: Ty Clevenger
Did You Forget About the Violent Rioters Attacking the Trump Inauguration?: Mark Simone


Google Is Not What It Seems: Julian Assange
Booth Lincoln Project Founder John Weaver Resigns After Grooming Scandal Revealed: Rick Moran
NPR headline not written before Trump supporters stormed Capitol: Beatrice Dupuy, AP

Welcome To Gab: A Message From CEO Andrew Torba: Andrew Torba
Why Doesn't Twitter Ban the Chinese Government for Their Lies About Forced Labor?: Rick Moran
The Media Is Complicit, Jake Tapper: Jeffrey Lord


Twitter OKs Chinese Lie Denying Slavery in China, Continues to Censor Conservatives: C. Douglas Golden
Biden's First Migrant Caravan Is Already Thrashing Its Way Across Central America: Bronson Stocking
Greece: Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens says Islam is not a religion but a political party: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Regular aspirin use can lower risk for death in bladder, breast cancers: Brian P. Dunleavy
Bad news for Big Tech: State bill would let you sue social media giants for political censorship: BPR
Record Cold of 2021 Reminds Us: Be Wary of Climate Predictions and Energy Priorities: Vijay Jayaraj


The Man: Feral Irishman
The Forgotten: Ex-ABA players are struggling to get the help they need: Mike Vaccaro
It Has Come To My Attention…: MOTUS


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China is not just in our boarders, its in the oval office..

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