Saturday, January 16, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Signs and Wonders

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Signs and Wonders: Kunstler
Leftists Colonizing Red Towns Like Mine, And Local GOP Is Clueless: Mark Pulliam
Defiant NJ Gym Has Bank Account Wiped by Democratic Governor: Leah Barkoukis

You Are Being “Purged”: Street Pharmacy
Feds walk back claim that Capitol rioters sought 'to capture and assassinate' officials: The Hill
Joe Biden is putting his Party before his Country: Dana Loesch

Possible Antifa-linked Group caught on video planning riot at Capitol: Scoop
Pelosi puts Eric Shartwell back on Homeland Security panel: Ebony Bowden
This is a real headline. Imagine being this detached from reality.: NTB


The Big Shift Continues, Narrative Now: ‘Lockdowns Have No Benefit’: CTH
Biden Pushing $15 Minimum Wage… Impact on Small Business Could Be Dire: RS
Biden’s Disastrous $2 Trillion “American Rescue Plan”: FreedomWorks

Scandal Central

CNN/NPR Journalist Embedded With Antifa Leader John Sullivan During Capitol Riot: Gilas Place
POTUS Schedules Extensive Declassification Prior To Departure – Steele Interview Likely Included: CTH
Project Veritas-Twitter CEO’s Censorship Plans: ‘Much Bigger Than Just One Account’: Alexa Moutevelis

DC Attorney General Asks To Interview Donald Trump Jr. In Spending Probe: Varun Hukeri
What the Communists Want: @northeastantifa
Answers sought: Was the US Capitol attack planned with inside help?: ST


It’s Breathtaking to Observe What’s Going on in Our Country: EIB
Tucker Takes Twitter CEO Apart After Project Veritas Drops Video on Jack: RS
So It Sort Of Looks Like The MyPillow Guy Might Be Trying To Get Trump To Declare Martial Law: Hot Air

Jack Dorsey warns Twitter crackdown will be ‘much bigger’ than Trump ban in leaked video: Lia Eustachewich
Conservatives accuse liberals and Big Tech of using Capitol assault as pretext for censorship: Nihal Krishan
Dumb decision Trump haters will regret: Joe Hildebrand

Trump ‘Belongs In Jail’ But Biden Should Consider Pardoning Him, James Comey Says: DC
Harvard graduate students start petition to ban Trump officials from school: Yaron Steinbuch
NRA files for bankruptcy, flees NY to reincorporate in Texas: M. Dowling


Pompeo: US 'has reason to believe' Wuhan lab staff caught COVID-19 months before pandemic: Joel Gehrke
How Biden Can Avert a Crisis in North Korea: James Carafano
Iran holds ballistic missile, drones drill amid tensions: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Big Tech Coalition Is Developing a Digital COVID Vaccination Passport: Lucas Nolan
Big Tech Targeting Leads to Massive Increase in Signal App Users: CTH
Exodus: Tech Workers Are Leaving San Francisco Behind: John Sexton


America’s oldest living Marine, a trailblazer for women in the service, has died at 107: Haley Britzky
Buffalo Guy from the Capitol riots is exactly 427% crazier than we thought: NTB
We’ll Be Fine, We Just Need A God’s Comma: MOTUS


Average Joe Bro said...

Almost all of these communist goals have already been achieved right before our eyes...

MMinAR said...

I am never voting for a Republican again unless they are specifically endorsed by Trump. Period. Even my conservative Congressman, (1-AR), if he runs as a Republican without a specific endorsement, not only will I not vote for him, I will vote for the dem and accelerate the burn.

These bastards have lied, back tracked and back stabbed us for decades. How any pol with a conscience could be part of the same party as John McCain, Paul Ryan or Liz Cheney is a mystery to me. I am so done with these assholes.

I want a party of Laura Loomers who will use the power we invest in them to crush the left.