Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 01.20.21: President Joebama Edition

Curated by BadBlue News, my replacement for Drudge

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Curated by BadBlue News, my replacement for Drudge


commoncents said...

UP 135% - Trump beats last EIGHT US Presidents in Stock Market Return (NASDAQ)!

Anonymous said...

Trump voters should show their displeasure with President Xiden's mask mandate and simply stop wearing them.

Anonymous said...

The nasty anti-American demons are back in power.
Brace yourself for a wild and very dangerous ride through a hellscape.

Dan Ryan Galt said...

Masks are as useless as our newly anointed Imbecile in Chief.

MMinAR said...

Hey Doug, here's great idea. Let's vote out the RINOs in 2022! Should be a snap since they only comprise about 95% of the party in DC. Oh we might miss a few and of course Mitch will be there for another 6 years but what the hey huh?

And for sures some rascally GOPe types might try to infiltrate the Patriot party so you're right, lets just shitcan the whole idea of trying to bring together everyone of any stripe whose #1 priority is America First and work on picking up the Republican turd on the clean end. Cause that's so much more realistic. And doable.

Where were ANY of these Republicans the last 4 years while President Trump was taking arrows from Day 1? Oh yeah, holding "investigations" with big mouths like Jim "thanx google" Jordan asking really loud questions. And what changed? Who was arrested? I'll tell you who, Roger Stone. By van loads of FBI agents who alerted CNN so they could film the takedown. And who was prosecuted for that? yeah

You were wrong about Cruz and you're even more wrong about resuscitating the Republican Party. I BTW was right about Trump just like I'm right about the Republican Party.

I will NEVER vote for another Republican. A vote for Tom Cotten IS a vote for McConnell. If Mark Crawford, a conservative in AR-1 runs as a Republican, I will vote for the dem. I will do this all the way down the ticket. Maybe some will get the message but 1 thing is clear, DECADES of voting for lies and back stabbing by these bastards is over for me.

directorblue said...

Well, MM, i definitely respect your opinion.

Here's my issue with fracturing against Democrats.

What happens when we have swarms of miscreants like Mitch infiltrate the _new_ party?

Create a fourth party?

My feeling is that our era is one of two parties. You have to pick one and kick ass until it conforms to the Constitution, IMO.


MMinAR said...

The bitter clingers in the Whig Party, rather than join the emerging Republican Party, formed/joined the Know Nothing Party-fitting eh?

Anyway, yes a few liars will naturally sneak in by covering their tracks but do you think e.g. a John Cornyn, Mitt Romney or a Tim Scott type would really abandon the cash cow Republican Party for an America First Party? It's like having cooties in 4th grade, no way they would want to be associated with something like that.

Look, you're near the top of my daily must read list of bookmarks and I appreciate your incredible hard work, I believe the Republican Party can't be salvaged. I also believe in a 2 party system. The divide is between those that let Tom Donahue write our legislation and those that want America First.