Friday, January 22, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Glenn Greenwald: The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming

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Glenn Greenwald: The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming: Glenn Greenwald
10 Executive Orders To Federally Weaponize COVID Against Us, Not China: CTH
Filibuster stalemate stalls new Senate: Susan Ferrechio

Biden SecDef Nominee: DOD Will Participate in Dems’ Political Witchhunt: Kyle Shideler
Biden Admin Tear-Gassed 'Peaceful Protesters' Hours After Inauguration: Matt Margolis
House Democrats are Now Urging FBI to Investigate Parler: RS

Trump’s Top-10 Triumphs: A Last Look At A Remarkable Presidency: I&I
Looking Back at Trump (and Maybe Forward) : Kurt Schlichter
74,216,722 : Larry O'Connor


Biden’s Keystone Pipeline Kill: WSJ
How many more immigrants and who should they be?: Joseph Chamie
Biden Kills Thousands of Jobs, Slams Environment, Insults Canada on His First Day in Office: Bryan Preston

Scandal Central

Professor Calls For Elimination of Republican Party, Purging “Nazified” People From Society: Turley
Trump Vindicated? Stunning WaPo Report on Capitol Riots Timeline May Change Impeachment Trial Ball Game: RS
Report: Senate Republicans Negotiating Terms of Unconstitutional Post-Departure Trump Impeachment Trial: LI


Twitter refused to remove child porn because it didn’t ‘violate policies’: lawsuit: Gabrielle Fonrouge
Video And Images Allegedly Show Joe Biden Signing Blank Pages During His First Day In Office: Ray Pearson
Football Coach Fired For Challenging Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory Curriculum In Daughter’s 7th Grade Class: Natalie Winters

During the Day of Unity and Truth, CNN Resorts to Lies Claiming Trump Left No Vaccine Plan for Biden: Brad Slager
Shocker: Trust in Media Reaches All Time Low: Bronson Stocking
Fauci says it’s ‘liberating’ to no longer have Trump as president: NYDN


JoeBama Wants Return to Dependency on Mid-East Oil, Plans on Sending More Troops to Trade Blood for Oil: CTH
Biden removes military flags from Oval Office on first day as president: Liz George
Beijing’s Parting Gift to Former Trump Officials: Jimmy Quinn

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

After A Quiet Meeting In Vegas, Lawsuits Against Big Tech To Be Filed: Denise Simon
Ten computer codes that transformed science: Jeffrey M. Perkel
Trans Competitors In Women’s Sports Destroy What Women Have Won: Amelia Koehn (2019)


42 photos of the most elegant First Lady in American history as Melania says goodbye: Breitbart
Powerball winner in Maryland should remember this before cashing the $730 million ticket: expert: Brian Sozzi
The Cheerful Monkey Wrench: Stilton’s Place


Anonymous said...

RE "10 Computer Codes...."

"'For the first time, we were able to program [the computer] by ourselves', Manabe says. He and his colleagues used the language to develop one of the first successful climate models."

"successful climate model?"????


Thanks. I needed a good laugh. (If by "successful" they mean, it's a great grant money magnet, then yeah, I guess it is, but if by an accurate representation of reality, not so much)

commoncents said...

TAKE THAT ZINC! COVID-19 and Zinc – what you need to know

MMinWA said...

Catturd makes me miss twatter