Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: The “Crisis” is Corporate Liberal Authoritarianism

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The “Crisis” is Corporate Liberal Authoritarianism: Michael Tracey
The Parler Purge Is Just the Beginning: Times
Goodbye, America: Ben Stein

Cops, Kids, Reporters Murdered As Democrats Incited 2020 Riots: Raheem Kassam
Twitter Hasn’t Suspended Many Accounts That Openly Incite Violence: Paulina Enck
If WaPo's "Capitol mob" was "a raging collection of grievances"...: Althouse

The worst run cities in America: Kristin Tate
Good news: Biden’s First 100 days to be hampered by likely Trump impeachment: Naomi Lim
With their 25th Amendment ruse, Democrats seek to evade responsibility: Examiner


Canadian expert: lockdown harms are 10 times greater than benefits: Toronto Sun
Biden: Coronavirus Aid to Minority-Owned Small Businesses Is ‘Our Priority’: Ashley Oliver
Walmart launches fintech startup to build digital financial products for customers, employees: Julia La Roche

Scandal Central

Is Truth Irrelevant?: Thomas Sowell
Democrat “Domestic Terrorism” Bill Criminalizes Political Opposition: Pamela Geller
The traitors who fooled us: Don Surber


We Need a New Media System: Matt Taibbi
Cumulus Orders Radio Hosts Dan Bongino and Mark Levin to Stop Pushing Election Conspiracies: Mediaite
Ron Paul Says He's Been Locked Out of Facebook: Eric Boehm

As Concerns of Fraud Grow, Facebook Is Purging Phrase ‘Stop The Steal’ From Platform: Tim Pearce
Parler CEO: Unclear when will be back, sues Amazon Web Services for website takedown: LI
Do Not Believe These People: Derek Hunter


Twitter Bans Trump, Removes Tweet by Iran’s Khamenei on Same Day, Sparking Backlash: VOA
Germany And France 'Shocked' Over Twitter Decision To Ban Trump: ZH
Trump Administration Designates Cuba ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’ After Obama’s Reversal: Hannity

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The West should envy Japan’s COVID-19 response: Japan Times
Every Deleted Parler Post, Many With Users' Location Data, Has Been Archived: Dell Cameron
COVID-19 patients still have symptoms 6 months later; interferon may be helpful treatment after all: THT


The Conservative Purge Won’t Stop With Big Tech: Todd Starnes
Just an Idea: SDA
Know Justice, Know Peace: MOTUS
QOTD: “[The country is] drifting apart into two separate tribes, with a separate set of facts and separate realities, with nothing in common except our hostility towards each other and mistrust for the few national institutions that we all still share.” --Mitch McConnell


Anonymous said...

That's right mitch, you are a piece of shit, and I will never support a pos repub ever, Eat shit and die repubs.

Brian said...

That reminds me, I forgot to pick up my xanax yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Shut it, Mitch. We are onto your lies.

Oh, and stop pretending to be a Conservative, when you are a treacherous spineless Democrat.

No support for Reps anymore, since in so doing, I am really only enabling the Dems.

That is all.

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