Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: America Isn’t Make-Believe

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America Isn’t Make-Believe: Peter Wood
Setting the Record Straight on the POTUS “Ask” of Vice President Pence: John C. Eastman
Insurrectionist Eric Holder tells Dems to “use their power” to stack the court: M. Dowling

McConnell warns of 'scorched-earth, post-nuclear Senate’ if Dems end filibuster: Fox
Why Biden’s Immigration Policy Will Harm Americans and Migrants Alike: Virginia Allen
Biden punts to Congress on voting rights campaign pledge: Katherine Doyle

In early blow to Biden, federal judge blocks halt to deportations: Mark Moore
Democratic Party In Oregon Blames ‘Republican Attacks’ After Antifa Smashed Its HQ: Summit
Williamsburg: Suspect Armed With Knife Arrested After Assaulting Jews: YWN

Milking the Capitol Melee for All It’s Worth: Jacob G. Hornberger
Mark Levin: Nothing Biden Has Done Demonstrates Unity, Only "Comformity": Tim Hains
Rand Paul Pushes Back Against Ridiculousness of Impeachment: CTH


Now the CDC is urging schools to reopen ASAP. Try to keep up with the science.: NTB
Chicago Teachers Union vs. Biden: WSJ
Amid the pandemic, exodus from America’s public schools: Post

California Says Unemployment Fraud During Pandemic Cost Taxpayers Up To $31 Billion: Varun Hukeri
Keystone XL Pipeline Workers Speak Out About Lost Jobs Following Biden Cancellation of Project: LI
UK jobless rate highest since 2016 as second COVID-19 lockdown hits: Al-Reuters

Scandal Central

Nancy Pelosi: Inside Trader: BattleSwarm
FBI Used ‘Ghosts’ To Track Trump Advisor Carter Page In 2016: Chuck Ross
Pennsylvania Teacher Suspended for Attending Trump Rally Says His Life Has Been Destroyed: LI

Tulsi Gabbard: Domestic-Terrorism Bill Is ‘a Targeting of Almost Half of the Country’: Brittany Bernstein
The Hidden Risks of Batteries: Child Labor, Modern Slavery, and Water Rights: GTM (3/29/17)
The Absurd Calls to Shut Down Fox News: NRO


How COVID-19 Emerging From A Lab Theory Got Dismissed By Media Fact Checkers: Shelby Talcott
Twitter bans MyPillow CEO: Politishmo
Huawei Ghostwrote Op-Ed for MIT Scholar: Yuichiro Kakutani

Biden’s White House Considering Banning Conservative Media from Press Briefings: BLP
Doing the bidding of China? Google strips Epoch Times of ability to monetize videos: JTN
Lawsuit calls on Google to drop Telegram from app store, a week after Apple was targeted in the same way: RT


Even Europe Is Losing Patience with Iran's Nuclear Antics: Con Coughlin
Former Iranian Hostage Slams Biden’s Iran Envoy Pick: Adam Kredo
Biden Puts Anti-Israel BDS Activist -- Who Called for Destruction of Israel -- in Charge of NSC Intel: Daniel Greenfield

Ruh Roh: Biden Defense Secretary offers disturbing clue on much-needed nuclear modernization: Abraham Mahshie
After promising to get tough on Russia, Biden hesitates out of the gate: Examiner
WHO Official Claims It's 'Too Early' to Determine COVID-19 Originated in China: Leah Barkoukis

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Man Regains Sight, Sees Family Again After Becoming First Person to Receive an Artificial Cornea: Andy Corbley
More contagious Brazilian variant of coronavirus found in US for first time: Peter Sullivan
Not just MagSafe: Apple reminds users not to hold iPhones near pacemakers: Samuel Axon


Is GameStop’s wild ride due to market manipulation by social-media users — or is it free speech?: MarketWatch
17-year-old killed 6 family members, including pregnant woman and unborn child, after his dad yelled at him: DailyMail
IRS Agent Accused of Identity Theft, Wire Fraud; Allegedly Forged Docs to Buy NY Co-op: NBC-4

'You Can Reopen Now!' Governor Newsom Shouts At Row Of Abandoned, Dilapidated Buildings: Babylon Bee
Embarrassing Admission: Stilton's Place
Can We Get A Little Solidarity Here On The Green New Deal?: MOTUS

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commoncents said...

The Astounding Physics of N95 Masks - VIDEO (( and why you should be wearing one ))

Anonymous said...

Jay Inslee altered how Vets treated animals, and my dog died. Jay Inslee created an environment where my business could not succeed. Jay Inslee altered hospital admissions and when I finally got there 6 months later I was called Stage 4.
It is time for me to succumb, but none of that makes any difference. These to Democrats are "acceptable casualties". Keep it up Doug, life is for the living.