Friday, January 29, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Victor Davis Hanson: How to Deprogram Us

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How to Deprogram Us: Victor Davis Hanson
As Biden Destroys Jobs Here, His Son Hunter Still Owns Chinese Firm: Andrew Kerr
Speaker Pelosi Labels Republicans ‘The Enemy Within’: OAN

Gabbard Doubles Down on Harsh Criticism of Schiff, Brennan: NewsMax
Biden Treasury Sec Yellen Paid By Chinese Communist Party-Linked Group: Pulse
Chip Roy demands AOC apologize to Cruz or face 'alternative means': Emily Brooks

Do The Democrats Really Want Unity?: Turley
Democrats Want a 'Return to Civility'; When Did They Practice It?: Larry Elder
GameStop Politics: Democrats’ Abusiveness Will Lead To Their Own Short Squeeze: LI

Suck It, Wall Street: Matt Taibbi
The Whole Messy, Ridiculous GameStop Saga in One Sentence: Derek Thompson
The great GameStop conspiracy: Spengler


Biden climate envoy John Kerry is a lifelong joke: Post
Domenech: Teachers Unions Holding Our Kids Hostage For Political Ransom Is ‘Insanity’: Jordan Davidson
Biden Debuts Massive New Climate Bureaucracy: Reason

How The Trading Platform Robinhood Started Stealing From The Poor To Give To The Rich: Cody Boorman
DeceptiCon Maneuvers, Don’t Forget Who Owns The New York Stock Exchange: CTH
AMC, GameStop and Nokia – Why it is a Huge Deal: Wall Street Playboys

Scandal Central

Nancy Pelosi's Recent Stock Purchase Raises Ethical and Legal Questions: PJM
NY AG: New York Severely Undercounted Nursing-Home Deaths, By As Much As 50%: Hot Air
Solomon: FBI Misled FISA Court In 2017 To Continue Russia Hoax: OAN

The Justice Department’s Ridiculous Voter ‘Disinformation’ Prosecution: NRO
One week in, Biden administration shows its exquisite cruelty: Patricia McCarthy
Horowitz: Parler lawsuit: The courts discover free enterprise at the exact wrong moment: Daniel Horowitz


YouTube REMOVES actual Senate videos of doctors testifying about early treatments of COVID: Scoop
GameStop Story Illustrates What I’ve Told You About the Elites: EIB
But Trump must never have a presidential library, and Congress should move quickly to make sure he doesn’t: Althouse


China Warns President Rice Obama BIden That Taiwan ‘Independence Means War’: NRO
Twitter Suspends China Critic and Trump Administration Official Peter Navarro: CTH
Biden and Putin break the ice: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Robinhood hit with lawsuits after restricting stock trades on GameStop and others: Tyler Van Dyke
Cryoballoon Ablation as Initial Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation: NEJM
'Mega-rare' snowy owl is spotted in Central Park for first time since 1890: Daily Mail


One hour after Biden inaugurated, WHO changes COVID testing criteria: LifeSite
Pulp Nonfiction: Stilton’s Place
Brain Synapses and Recipes: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

So many EO's, why are we paying the house or senate? Joe has this under control, come on man!

Average Joe Bro said...

Eat the Rich! 2021 version courtesy of reddit....

Anonymous said...

The 2020 Election fraud was obvious and proved by a preponderance of evidence and witnesses.

The evidence was ignored by courts and congress and denied by the media.

Unless the 2020 Election fraud is rectified – and measures are taken to prevent it happening again - we cannot ever trust another election, congress, court, or politician again – and we do not have a free country or freedom!