Friday, January 01, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Lies, Damned Lies, And Insane Statistics

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Lies, Damned Lies, And Insane Statistics: Daniel Oliver
Ruling in Gohmert Lawsuit Could Be ‘Game-Changer’ for Jan. 6, Expert Says: Epoch
Calling the Presidential Election – and Beyond: Daniel Bobinski

Los Angeles County Prosecutors Sue Gascon For Not Enforcing The Law: Jazz Shaw
“Absurd": Ted Cruz Weighs In On Stacey Abrams' Sister Abusing Her Judicial Power: RS
NYPD Search For Teens Responsible For Attack On Car On Fifth Avenue: Jonathan Turley

The Leaks are Still Real, The News is Still Fake: Brian Cates
D’Souza: GOP establishment better realize MAGA demands the election challenge”: CTH
President Trump New Years Eve Message: CTH

Jon Ossoff Dodges If He Is Influenced By the CCP Through Past Business Deals: Julio Rosas
Lessons Georgia Voters Can Learn from California: Star Parker
FDA To Distillers: Thanks For Stepping Up On Hand Sanitizer — Now Here’s Our Bill: Ed Morrissey


New Study Shows “Georgia Tax” Will Cost Average Georgia Family Nearly $4,000 Annually: CTUP
Lockdown: a deadly, failed experiment: Fraser Myers
$15 Trillion Cashnami Crashes Dollar In 2020, Sparks Gold's Best Year In A Decade: ZH

Scandal Central

Hunter Biden’s Guilty Laptop: Peter Van Buren
Richard Grenell Discusses Ballot Fraud Evidence Local Officials Purposefully Keep Hidden: CTH
Eric Swalwell's relationship with a spy can't be ignored: Times


The Scandalous Warnock Media Blackout: WFB
Dissecting Hilaria Baldwin’s Bizarre New York Times Interview: Sophie Ross
Why Are Reporters Covering for Hilaria Baldwin’s Epic Con?: Christian Toto

The Wokest News Stories of 2020: Matt Taibbi
The Washington Post's Cartoon Crossed the Line: Rep. Andy Biggs
Clay Travis on the NBA's Collapsing Ratings: Outkick


We Need a Global Alliance to Defend Democracies: Richard Kemp
Craig Considine Fantasizes about Islamic Tolerance: Andrew Harrod
Germany's "Shameful" Two Years on the UN Security Council: Soeren Kern

Religious Oppression in China Worsening: Annaliese Levy
China Perfidy Roundup for December 31, 2020: BattleSwarm
Israel zooms past 1 million vaccinations in sprint to vanquish pandemic: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

In 2021, let’s challenge green tyranny: Tim Black
Nashville’s Big Bomb Was a Very Rare Device, Experts Think: Elaine Shannon
The state of the global rocket industry in the 21st century: Robert Zimmerman


Happy New Year: CTH
2020: The Year In Rebuke - Part Three: Stilton’s Place
Happy New Year 2021: MOTUS

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