Thursday, December 31, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Levin: On January 6, we learn whether our Constitution will hold

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Levin: On January 6, we learn whether our Constitution will hold: Mark Levin
“We’re In”: Dominion Voting Systems Hacked Live During Georgia Senate Hearing: CTH
Democratic super PAC hits jackpot with Chinese company stock: CPI (2018)

72 Percent of Republicans See MAGA Movement as Model For Party Future: CTH
How American Civil Society Depends on Marriage, Family: Virginia Allen
Give Me Liberty or Give Me a Face Diaper: Jim Quinn

What Will Historians Make Of Our Annus Horribilis?: Victor Davis Hanson
DOJ Adviser: 368,000 Fraudulent 'Excess Votes' Tipped Election to Biden: Matt Margolis
Camper Recounts Abuse as Child at Warnock Summer Camp: Alana Goodman


California: Preparing for Another Drought: Steven Greenhut
2020 wasn't all bad: There's good news about climate change: Patrick Michaels
Thanks to new law, expect more widespread stimulus fraud: Brad Polumbo

Scandal Central

Irrefutable [?] evidence of vote manipulation presented by expert witnesses from the GA hearing: Murray
'Russia on the brain': Biden pick for top Pentagon post was a vocal Steele dossier promoter: Jerry Dunleavy
“A Criminal Like Trump”: Federal Judge Tosses Aside Judicial Restraint In Public Interview: Jonathan Turley


FL vs. NY on Covid-19: Another Media Disgrace: Drew Holden
The 5 Most Cringeworthy Media Moments Of 2020: Bradley Devlin
NYT Gave Anonymity To Hilaria Baldwin Source; She Said She Feared Alec Might Punch Her: Virginia Kruta


‘The world’s two leading powers’: China and EU ink investment deal in rebuff of Biden: Joel Gehrke
Brexit to take full effect as UK leaves EU single market: ST
OK of Reaper drones to Taiwan a game changer: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Apple is enabling China's human rights abuses.: Kaylee McGhee White
Trump leaves mark on immigration policy, some of it lasting: THT
Octopus And Squid Evolution Is Officially Stranger Than We Could Have Ever Imagined: ScienceAlert


Oh Boy It's Libturd Thursday: Woodsterman
2020: Year in Rebuke Part II: Stilton’s Place
I Don’t Make the Rules, Hallmark Does: MOTUS


Average Joe Bro said...

Simple explanation for the Biden supporters not showing up at his rallies, they were all busy filling out their quota of fake ballots...

commoncents said...

New Year's Eve 2021 Live from Times Square, New York