Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Carlson's Monologue on a Chinese Professor's Recent Speech Should Terrify You

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Carlson's Monologue on a Chinese Professor's Recent Speech Should Terrify You: PJM
Grenell: Secret intelligence shows 'much more' on US-China collusion: Mike Brest
Why China Is ‘Licking Their Chops’ at the Thought of a President Biden: Joe Saunders

A 2020 Election Redo in 4 States? Details About Texas Lawsuit: Hans von Spakovsky
SCOTUS Requests MI, PA, WI and GA Respond to Election Lawsuit By 3pm Thursday: CTH
The Path to Victory: Potential Scenarios and a Timeline of Events: Stu Cvrk

Trump: “They want to go into a communistic form of government”: M. Dowling
GOP A.G.'s set their sights on checking Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: Salena Zito
Supreme Court rejects attempt to throw out Biden win in Pennsylvania: Nicholas Rowan

7 Things to Know About Biden’s Radical Choice to Run HHS: Fred Lucas
Will Biden give in to the Hydroxy Effect?: Victor Davis Hanson
Disgraced Judge Sullivan finally dismisses Michael Flynn case following Trump pardon: Jerry Dunleavy


House overwhelmingly approves defense bill over Trump veto threat: Susan Ferrechio
Biden Bust: Small Business Optimism Sinks…: John Carney
Congress’ Race to Pass COVID-19 Relief Package: Virginia Allen

Scandal Central

Eric Shartwell Got Cozy With a Chinese Spy: Ace
Senate Committees Drop New Report on Hunter Biden, Alarming Connections to China: Katie Pavlich
Ariz. Supreme Court Agrees To Review Voter Fraud Case: OAN


China-Funded Facebook Fact-Checker Is Now Censoring Criticism Of Its Fake Fact Checks: Tristan Justice
Networks Censor Bombshell on Chinese Spy-Swalwell Relationship; Tucker Buries All of Them: Curtis Houck
Durbin Admits: Democrats Weaponized Wuhan Coronavirus Relief: Katie Pavlich


Anatomy of Narrative Warfare: China's Fake Photo Propaganda Attack on Australia: Austin Bay
Report: Chinese Spy Was 'Honeypot' to at Least Two Mayors... Close Ties to Russia Hoaxer Swalwell: Kyle Olson
Turkey: Islamist Justice at Its Best: Burak Bekdil

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Rand Paul: No scientific evidence COVID-19 lockdowns work: Joseph Curl
US chip ban hikes cost of China 5G: Frank Chen
Sunspot update: November most active sunspot month since 2017: Robert Zimmerman


Dear Judge Sullivan: John
Fruit of the Loons: Stilton’s Place
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Kepha said...

The only thing more terrifying was going to the film itself and listening to it in Chinese. They're boasting to themselves about their buying part of our government.