Friday, December 18, 2020

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 12.18.20: He was Never-Trumping himself so hard it's remarkable he never went blind Edition

Curated by BadBlue News, my replacement for Drudge

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Curated by BadBlue News, my replacement for Drudge


commoncents said...

2nd Vaccine is here! FDA expected to authorize Moderna COVID-19 vaccine after panel recommendation

MMinWA said...

Gee look at this, the blue line on the bottom of the stat chart. No flu this year!! I’ve been searching for what kind of flu season we’re having and just as I suspected, by golly, we’ve cured the flu. Isn’t science amazing?

I've forwarded that to everyone in my circle. Thank you for posting it.

It's a GD shame that our worthless media peddles this fear porn 24/7. People walking down the damn street wearing a mask or driving in their car. It's still voluntary here in N AR and S MO but at times I'm one of a handful not wearing this BS in a store.