Saturday, December 05, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Yet Another Video Raises New Questions About Election Fraud

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Yet Another Video Raises New Questions About Election Fraud: UncoverDC
Michigan GOP: Secretary of State Trying to Delete Election Data: Jack Phillips
Trump campaign charges ‘not a single’ witness interviewed by DOJ: World Tribune

Trump Campaign Lawsuit Seeks ‘A New Statewide Election’ In Georgia: Ryan Saavedra
Firm That ‘Audited’ GA Voting Machines Has Long History With Dominion: Jeff Carlson
FBI lawyer who lied to surveil Trump aide asks judge to spare him from prison: Steven Nelson

David Petraeus: Perfect Avatar for America’s Corrupt Ruling Class: Michael Anton
“The List”: Quietly Overlooked Remarks by Mike Pompeo on U.S. Governors and China: CTH
Featured Comment: SDA

I'm a Legislator in Pennsylvania, and I'm Suing the Governor for Election Fraud: Frank Ryan
What If the Deep State Has No Bottom?: Jeff Davidson
Rogue judge reinstates DACA, orders Homeland Security to quickly accept new applicants: NBC


Nancy Pelosi Finally Admits It Was Her 'Decision' to Block COVID Relief for Americans: Julio Rosas
Trump: 'I Will VETO' Military Spending Bill Without Section 230 Termination: Tyler O’Neil
Would you be willing to get a Covid vaccine in exchange for a $1,500 stimulus check?: CNBC

Scandal Central

Here's How Many Felons, Dead, and Underage People Voted in Georgia: Bongino Report
NV fraud case: 42K voters voted twice, 1500 dead voted, and more: M. Dowling
Ilhan Omar’s husband’s firm got $500K in pandemic relief as he raked in $$$ advising her: M. Dowling


The Left-Wing Media Fell for China's COVID Lies : Katie Pavlich
Rick Santelli Clashes with CNBC Host Over Lockdowns: Bronson Stocking
Is America ready to commit suicide?: Robert Arvay


Joe Biden’s Dream of a Worse Iran Nuclear Deal: Noah Rothman
Israeli assassinations throw volatile curveball into Iran deal talks: Joel Gehrke
China's coronavirus lies offer warning to Biden: Examiner

Top general: U.S. losing time to deter China: Jonathan Swan
Terror-Sponsoring, Drug-Smuggling Cuba Jubilant With Prospective Biden Presidency: Humberto Fontova
Al-Qaeda Calls on Jihadis to Kill Non-Muslims With Poisoned Coronavirus Masks: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Does This Study Shift the Covid-19 Narrative About When the Virus Was in the US?: Brad Slager
Bay Area orders 8.5 million people to stay home from Monday as state hits record 22,000 cases a day: DailyMail
'Papers Please': No Voter ID Required, But Government Prepares to Issue COVID-19 Vaccination Cards: PJM


Touching Gesture: Kamala Harris Just Sent Joe Biden 17 Get Well Soon Puppies: Babylon Bee
Shroud of Turin: Interview With Expert of New Book Disputing Medieval Date Test: Myra Kahn Adams
We Are On Correct Path Comrades 8.0: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

With the spectre of a BiteMe Biden and a Unvetted Carmello, Rush Limbaugh should start up the Caller Abortion Program as a sign of things to come, or perhaps bring it back as a Liberal Abortion Segment.

Anonymous said...

Small business owners MUST realize that their Governors and Mayors are AT WAR against small business. The ruination is real and it is intentional.
New strategies are needed for protesting because your tears are weakness and only fall to wash their feet. It is time to slip into a new paradigm, and who better to do this than the small guys who risked everything to start a dream.
Shake off your chains, go out and patronize small businesses this Season. Starve Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook, then throw out your TV.

elmo said...


Head explosion alert.

You know all those fake ballots, that were trucked around, to all the swing states?

Either before the counting began. Or after it was synchronously stopped.

Those ballots were made in China!

elmo said...

Anonymous said...

We're at war with China, DJT knows it, and he also knows their stuff will only work once. Thank Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Good interview with Gerald Celente - a revolution is coming.

Anonymous said...

RE - "The Left-Wing Media Fell for China's COVID Lies"

The "fell" for nothing. They are totally complicit with thgem!

The (Deplorable) MUSEman said...

"“The List”: Quietly Overlooked Remarks by Mike Pompeo on U.S. Governors and China: CTH"

This article was originally posted April 12, 2020, almost 8 months ago.

Must be a slow news day?

That said, consider the Chinese simply wrote a report ranking how friendly the 50 US Governors are towards China based on public comments made by those governors: No "Rocket Science" required, despite the fact China is adept at stealing "rocket science".