Saturday, December 26, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The Mushrooming of the 2020 US Election

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The Mushrooming of the 2020 US Election: Quadrant
Trump tweets out a video that sums it all up so we know what we’re fighting: Andrea Widburg
Trump 'Resolved' in Election Challenge, Says Pa. Lawmaker Who Met With Him: NewsMax

The Nashville Christmas Bombing is incredibly unusual for a few reasons: Alex Little
Report: Human Remains Found Near Site Of Explosion In Nashville: DailyWire
Horrifying bomb attack in Nashville appears to target AT&T hub: J.E. Dyer

Georgia Judge Denies GOP Lawsuit on Drop Boxes, Says State Has Immunity: NewsMax
As Stacey Abrams Secures 1 Million Mail In Votes, GA Sec. Of State Finally Sees The Issue: Frank Salvato
CA Wants Wealth Tax That Will Follow Taxpayers When They Leave: National File


Pelosi, Democrats, UniParty and Media Spin Narrative Around COVID Relief Construct: CTH
Here's what Biden is promising to do to curb emissions in his first days in office: Abby Smith
Keep calm, and keep drilling for oil and gas: Examiner

Scandal Central

Why Democrats Should Read the Navarro Report: Kenneth R. Timmerman
CA Judge Orders Video Journalists to Pay $13.6 M to Planned Parenthood: Dr. Susan Berry
What are the new SCOTUS justices thinking?: Marlo Horne


What the Lockdown Leviathans Don’t Get: Tal Bachman
Virus magnifies the solitude for the elderly at Christmas: Times
Can Conservatives Stop Their Movement's Descent Into Madness?: Steven Greenhut


Angela Merkel faces European revolt over China trade policy: Tom Rogan
Communist Cuban government broadcast urges citizens to feast on rodent meat for Christmas: PostMillenial
Arms giant Kalashnikov uses Christmas to unveil deadly 'fire-and-forget' self-homing missile: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Chinese Slaves Manufacture Covid Masks Your Wearing: Denise Simon
US Army’s supergun proves deadly accurate at 40 miles: AT
Is Your New TCL HDTV (Made In China) A Security Risk?: Stephen Silver


WTF 2020: Feral Irishman
Comparing Christmas At The Whitehouse...: Feral Irishman
Boxing Day America: Celebrate The Schtruggle: MOTUS


commoncents said...

MUST WATCH VIDEO - Tucker Carlson Tonight Special 12/26/20 | Fox News December 26, 2020

The Gipper Lives said...

Whichever Federal Agency was behind the explosions should be in charge of the investigation under the provisions of the Federal Paperwork Reduction Act of 1994.

Seriously, I think its pretty clear already that there were two explosions; an EMP blast from inside the wire and a secondary covering blast from the Patsy Wagon outside. 17 Intelligence Agencies All Agree(tm)–It Was a Real Blast!

The question is motive. Dominion? Solar Wind? the Georgia “Election”? Or some combination thereof? Maybe they were trying to stop and erase NSA collection on themselves and their Perma-Coup Attempts.

Whatever it is, it’s not the Disgruntled Employee(tm) Ruse–this stinks of CIA or the like.