Thursday, December 17, 2020

INFOGRAPHIC: The Fork In The Road

“Greece would not have fallen had it obeyed Polybius in everything, and when Greece did meet disaster, its only help came from him”, Pausanias, 8.37.2, Inscription on the Temple of Despoina near Arakesion.

In Book VI of his Histories, the ancient Greek historian Polybius described three basic forms of government, each categorized by the number of those in power. He listed monarchy (rule by the one); aristocracy (rule by the few); and democracy (rule by the many). Polybius described, over time, how each type of government would gradually decline into their various corrupted forms of tyranny, oligarchy and mob rule, respectively.

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commoncents said...

PragerU - The Amazing History of Christmas

The Gipper Lives said...

Great post--linked!

I knew about Color Revolutions and how Sidney Powell said the CIA had used Dominion Cheatware overseas to rig elections.

But the car-bombing of Gov. Kemp’s “sonny”-in-law confirms it for me; this is another CIA/FBI Coup, just like they run overseas. And why not? They suffered no real consequences for their 5 yr.-long Coup Attempt against the President. Haspel and Wray are just Mini-Me extensions of Brennan and Comey.

This is End-Stage Liberalism.

The Government is Overthrowing the People.

Pray for our nation.

If George Washington himself came back to Washington, D.C. today, they would have to put two slugs in his back at the city limits, like Seth Rich on a 3 a.m. sidewalk. Though they would let him keep his watch, just to send this message: "This was not a robbery."

Otherwise, he would smash them.

Fear not.