Thursday, December 03, 2020

SILVER ALERT: Anyone Seen This Individual?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Hat tip: BadBlue 24x7 News.


elmo said...

I don't tell anyone how to do their job. But if you haven't seen it already. The Georgia Suitcases video, should be where your eyes are headed. If they are not there already? Will it be enough to pull us over the line? Who the F knows?

Charlie said...

barr is working behind the scenes to protect the reputation and power of the doj and fbi.

The (Deplorable) MUSEman said...

I *might* have seen US Attorney General Barr collecting his paycheck...or was it checking his pension?

Not sure. Might have been Bill Belichick, can't tell those two apart, could be their sparkling personalities.