Monday, December 21, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Trump campaign independently filing with Supreme Court over election results

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Trump campaign independently filing with Supreme Court over election results: Mica Soellner
Trump promises 'wild' protest in DC on Jan. 6: Mica Soellner
Ken Starr to Senate: Pennsylvania 'flagrantly violated' laws ahead of presidential election: JTN

Will Republicans Kill Democracy?: Daniel Gelernter
Legislators must reclaim power over health and elections or risk being sidelined: Justin Hill
The Stupid Establishment’s Lies Will Be Its Undoing: Kurt Schlichter

Catholic bishops cower as Biden assembles pro-abortion administration: Abby Johnson
Keep Texas Red: Auguste Meyrat
Second wave of school closures is killing our children: Molly Rutherford

Feds Bust Massive Drug Ring at Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and App. State: Mike LaChance
Law Professor Calls for All Black Votes to Be Double-Counted From Now On: RS
Chicago mayor Lightfoot’s status as a fraud solidified in her response to bungled raid: John Ruberry


Congress reaches deal on $900 billion COVID bill as GOP Senate rift widens: NRO
Corporate lobbyists and slave labor: Judd Legum
So Many People Fled California It Could Lose a Congressional Seat in Census: Victoria Taft

Scandal Central

$2.3 Trillion Spending Package: Sweet baby Jesus – it’s flipping dejá vu all over again !!: CTH
Peter Navarro Discusses His 2020 Election Report, The Immaculate Deception: CTH
Judge: Inmate convicted of sexually abusing daughter has constitutional right to taxpayer-funded sex reassignment surgery: Michael Lee


Washington Post Cartoon Borrows Page From Nazi Playbook: Bronson Stocking
Loser Baffled That 2024 GOP Contenders “are trying to become as much like Donald Trump as they can be”: LI
Robert E. Lee statue removed from US Capitol: The Hill

Obama’s Latest Autobiography Rewrites Israeli History to Make You Hate the Jewish State: Robert Spencer
12/15/20 – Antisemitic Disinformation: A Study of the Online Dissemination of Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theories: Network Contagion


The forgotten lessons of Stalinism: Richard Lim
The Current and Coming War with China: Larry Provost
The lesson in China's cotton slave trade: Examiner

Strategic Patience: An Excuse For Timidity?: Grant Newsham
Iran’s investment in missile technology shows its real plan all along: JPost
Netanyahu warns British mutation could be ‘coronavirus 2.0’: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The loneliness pandemic: More affected mentally by the crisis than infected by the coronavirus: Examiner
Kilauea volcano erupts on Hawaii's Big Island: Rosa Sanchez
New Study Shows Mask Mandates Had Zero Effect in Florida or Nationwide, But the Lie Continues: Scott Morefield


Bunches Of Planes Dragging Anti-Biden Sky Messages Across Florida: WZ
Finally – A Santa That Comes Through For Old Joe: Earl of Taint
Steer Clear of COVID Porn If You Don’t Want To Catch the Humbugs: MOTUS


The (Deplorable) MUSEman said...

RE: "Will Republicans Kill Democracy?: Daniel Gelernter"

How can Republicans "kill Democracy" by using legislative and judicial processes afforded to each of us under the law?

Democracy would suffer far greater if we simply acquiesced to what those in power declared.

Just saying.

elmo said...

Nice work today, Sir.

Will the Republic survive? Pretty damn long odds. I don't think it will. I believe war is at hand. And the Union, will desolve.

I've signed off, after fifteen years.

In one month, the greatest gift ever known. May be gone, on January 20th, elmo

commoncents said...

"That's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown" - Video

Anonymous said...

By what means can Republicans "slaughter Democracy" by utilizing authoritative and legal cycles stood to every one of us under the law?

Vote based system would endure far more noteworthy in the event that we basically submitted to what people with great influence pronounced.


Anonymous said...

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