Friday, December 25, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: U.S. Supreme Court Pushes Off Pennsylvania Case Until After Inauguration Day

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U.S. Supreme Court Pushes Off Pennsylvania Case Until After Inauguration Day: LI
Fauci Admits He Fibbed, Moved Goalposts Because People Not 'Ready to Hear Truth': RS
Connecticut Democrats help China, putting pork before Marine Corps needs: Tom Rogan

Biden Meddles with Donald Trump's Middle East Legacy at his Peril: Con Coughlin
We say “No” to mug shots at airports and borders: Papers Please
British Government Contracts Firms To Make COVID ‘Freedom Passports’: Steve Watson

Outgoing AG Barr: more than 6,000 arrests due to Operation Legend: Carly Roman
Georgia Senate candidate Ossoff accused of keeping secrets about foreign income: WND
It Is Long Past Time for the CDC and NCHS to Clean Up the COVID-19 Death Counts: PJM


Trump Vs. Biden On The Minimum Wage: Daniel J. Mitchell
Meet Joe Biden's climate 'dream team': Josh Siegel
Cuban Communists: Add Rodent Meat ‘to the Family Dinner Table’: Frances Martel

Scandal Central

Losing Democratic Candidate Was On Chinese Payrolls, Financial Disclosures Show: DC
President Trump Pardons 4 American Heroes Persecuted by Biden : Daniel Greenfield
Restaurants That Refused To Shut Down After Gov. Tom Wolf’s Indoor Dining Ban Lose Lawsuit: Elizabeth Louise


The Smartest Man In The World – IQ 200 – Is Convinced The U.S. Election Was Stolen.: Pulse
We’re Being Told “Scary” Mutant COVID In South Africa Is Even More Dangerous Than UK’s “Super COVID”: Michael Snyder
Biden Throwing a Conniption That Twitter Wouldn't Transfer Trump's Followers to Him: RS


Elephant Walk: It’s showdown time in Alaska: AT
Gwadar port sealed off to protect Chinese firms: AT
Jihad at Christmas: "Coldly Kill Them with Hate and Rage": Richard Kemp

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

We Had the Vaccine from the Start—You Just Weren't Allowed to Take It: Philip Steele
Nationwide analysis suggests masks increased the spread of COVID-19: Robert Zimmerman
The Thanksgiving Surge Never Happened, But That Won’t Stop Them From Banning Christmas: Daniel Greenfield


On the twelfth day of Christmas: SDA
She Walked 12 Miles To Work To Feed Her Children. Local Deputies Surprised Her With A Free Vehicle: SunnySkyz
Merry Christmas 2020: Good Tidings of Great Joy: MOTUS


commoncents said...

From our family to yours.... "Merry Christmas" - Classics Christmas music with Fireplace

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Bill Gates. Fuck you.
You cost me my life with stage 4 cancer ,and you cost me the life of my dog because of Inslee.
You took everything from me, Fuck you, fuck you Bill, may you rot in hell.