Thursday, December 10, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: There is no “Election Month” in the Constitution

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There is no “Election Month” in the Constitution: Brian Cates
Ossoff’s Father Met With Chinese ‘Dignitaries’ On His China-Built Yacht: Collin Anderson
Swalwell Implicates Democrat Leadership, Blames Trump for his Chinese Spy: PJM

The Democrats Are in Bed with China, Literally: Kurt Schlichter
MI State Rep Nixed From Committees After Threatening To Kill Trump Supporters: WZ
Biden defense pick allegedly sought intel painting 'rosier picture' of ISIS threat: Joel Gehrke

New L.A. DA Snubs Staff, Meets With BLM, Will Set Radical Pro-Crime Agenda: Jeff Reynolds
Warnock’s Police Report: Interfering With a Child Abuse Investigation: Steve Guest
Ossoff Campaign Staffer Donated to Bail Out Minneapolis Rioters: Josh Christenson

Years-Long Court Battle Reveals Dominion’s Security Flaws, Weak Testing: Jeff Carlson
Trump asks Cruz to argue Texas case: John Bowden
Voter Fraud Never Happens! (Except in These 10,000 Cases): Ann Coulter


Pandemic Villains: Robinhood: Matt Taibbi
As Lockdowns Kill Businesses in CA and NY, the Politicians Ensure that Hollywood Is Thriving: Brad Slager
Elon Musk Moves Out of California: Leah Barkoukis

Scandal Central

Swalwell Refuses To Discuss Relationship With Chinese Spy Who Had Affairs With Two US Mayors: Chuck Ross
Top Chinese professor boasts of operatives in top of US ‘core inner circle’: Post
Nearly 25 House Republicans urge Trump to demand special counsel investigate 2020 election integrity: Mike Brest

Google, YouTube, Announce They Will Block Content That Challenges 2020 Election Result: CTH
Kevin McCarthy demands answers from Pelosi on Chinese spy infiltrating Rep. Swalwell's office: Fox
Spy chief John Ratcliffe warns of threats posed by China and Russia in space: Jerry Dunleavy


Blue America Needs Red America: Michael Anton
Ric Grenell calls out CNN’s Jake Tapper for belatedly covering Hunter Biden story: Post
CNN Exposes Horrific Hospital Conditions in Venezuela, But Omits Direct Mention of the Main Cause: Bryan Preston

YouTube will now remove videos disputing Joe Biden’s election “victory”: Makena Kelly
48 State and US Government Sue Facebook for Illegal Monopoly Practices: CTH
There’s No Denying It: Trump Has Transformed the GOP For the Better: Dinesh D'Souza


Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases: Ezra Levant
Palestinianism is an antisemitic endeavor: Elder of Ziyon
Nigeria: Repeated jihad massacres of farmers are devastating the nation’s food supply: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Starship Flies!: Robert Zimmerman
No Science Justifies Bans on Indoor or Outdoor Dining: Julie Kelly
Senate Confirms Trump FCC Pick Nathan Simington: Allum Bokhari


Explained: Why parts of the US may be able to see the Northern Lights today: IndianExpress
Dog Training: Earl of Taint
Our Long Dystopian Nightmare of Suspended Animation: MOTUS

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