Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Amistad: 'Bombshell' Antrim Audit May Impact 5 Swing States With Dominion

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Amistad: 'Bombshell' Antrim Audit May Impact 5 Swing States With Dominion: NewsMax
Rogue US Attorneys Coming to a City Near You?: Cully Stimson
AG William Barr: We Got Our Answer: Chris Farrell

Ossoff Campaign Staffer Donated to Bail Out Minneapolis Rioters: Josh Christenson
GA Law Enforcement Officials Say Warnock, Ossoff Will Undermine Police: Collin Anderson
When 2-Year-Olds Are Thrown Off Airplanes, You Know America Has Changed: Dennis Prager

Why Georgia Should Run Off Brad Raffensperger: David Catron
Crush at border feared as Biden assumes power: Anna Giaritelli
McConnell touts Trump's 'major accomplishments,' congratulates Biden-Harris in speech: JTN


Study: NY lost net 70K residents, $34 billion in personal income this year: Celine Castronuovo
Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) Recommits To All Florida Restaurant and Bar Owners, Will Always Stay Open: CTH
Cuomo signs bill banning sale of Confederate flags: Post

Obama Leaks Intended to Take Down Biden

Hunter Biden investigations could touch on sprawling range of foreign dealings: Jerry Dunleavy
Joe Biden Will Serve at the Pleasure of Obama: EIB
The House Voted a Year Ago to Impeach Trump. Here’s What You Need to Know About That.: Rachel del Guidice

Scandal Central

Texas AG Paxton: “We Have to Fight” Mail-in Ballots “or We Lose Credible Elections Forever”: CTH
Not again: A 10-point plan to fix America’s shameful voting system.: Doug Truax
Leftists Are Upset With the Presidential Transition. Let’s Look Back at How They Behaved in 2016: Steven Groves


Kayleigh McEnany Gives the Democrat-Media Complex a Dressing Down for the Ages: Ace
​Reagan and Trump: Men Made For Their Time: Larry Schweikart
Homeowner Shoots Four Armed Men Who Break Into His House, Killing Two: Ace


Xi Jinping’s tightrope walk over the abyss: David P. Goldman
Senator Richard Blumenthal Blames Russians for SolarWinds Orion Cyber Hack: CTH
China Spied on Americans’ Phones in Caribbean, Expert Finds: Jack Beyrer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Blindness cure on horizon after vision loss fully restored in mice with glaucoma: StudyFinds
First Administrations of the Trump Vaccine Given to Health Care Workers; Many, Many More Immunizations to Come: Ace
Pentagon imposed emergency shutdown of computer network handling classified material: Susan Katz Keating


We Need A Reckoning – Crowdsourcing Request, What Do You Want To See Declassified: CTH
It's A Sad Day For Sane Folks, But A Great Day For Libturds: Woodsterman
Is It Just Me?: MOTUS


commoncents said...

Why our family still sends Christmas Cards - and you should also!

The (Deplorable) MUSEman said...

RE: "Amistad: 'Bombshell' Antrim Audit May Impact 5 Swing States With Dominion: NewsMax"


The voting machines are set to be completely accurate, are individually certified, and then protected once certified to prevent tampering prior to or during the election, so the fact that some States reported the USB Sticks used to program the machines and that the machines could all be tied to the internet is nothing to worry about...right?

And, it must be an easy exercise to ensure electronic voting machines give one vote to each candidate when indicated on the scanned ballot, so the rumors that 1.13 votes went to Biden and 0.87 went to President Trump SURELY must be fake.

No worries, though, because even if the voting machines have been shown to have an astronomically high "Rejection Rate" (say, 68% or higher) requiring people to rescan the ballot or key it in manually there are plenty of official Election Observers in the counting rooms to ensure election integrity....right up until the counting is "stopped", the observers asked to leave, and counting continues by people who of course would be "honor bound" to count them correctly?

Besides, we could always check if the number of mail-in ballots processed equals the number of envelopes received...but, apparently in some counties the envelopes are missing, were misplaced, or destroyed?

And, each county keeps their own electronic of all activity during the election process to allow forensics to verify the process was done legally, properly, and fairly...unless, of course, the State asks the counties to destroy such records?

So, I have every confidence our Presidential Election was conducted without a "smidgen" of corruption!

Average Joe Bro said...

Biden is only a Pretends-ident...

Anonymous said...

I want to be the first to say that I LOVE how Doctor Jill looks and dresses. With the gorgeous Thom McCann pumps and the distinct elegance of Bauer's Maid's Dress she is a marvelously beautiful First Lady. Can't remember the name of the last one but this girl is headed for Time's (and People's) Girl of the Year. America hasn't seen this sort of sculptured magnificence since the cow kicked over Betsy Ross's lantern.