Friday, December 11, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Gun control first for Biden executive orders

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Gun control first for Biden executive orders: Paul Bedard
Report: Hunter Biden Probe Linked to Chinese Firm in Laptop Emails: John Binder
Report: Democrat Eric Swalwell Lied About Breaking Ties With Chinese Honeypot: RS

What Texas Case at Supreme Court Could Mean for the Election: Rachel del Guidice
Pennsylvania AG blasts Texas election suit as 'seditious abuse' of judicial process: The Hill
These 3 Presidential Elections Also Went Into Overtime...: Fred Lucas

Kamala Vows Amnesty, Restarting Immigration from Terrorism Exporters: John Binder
California Democrats pressure Biden and Congress to abolish ICE: Anna Giaritelli
GA Dem Raphael Warnock: Israel An ‘Apartheid’ State Occupying Palestine: Tristan Justice

What Are You Gonna Do If Trump Doesn’t Win?: EIB
Trump Supporters Right to Doubt Election: David Limbaugh
4 Points About the Federal Prosecutor Investigating Hunter Biden: Fred Lucas


Lawmakers tell Biden to rescind border wall contracts, military money for wall: Sandra Sanchez
Xavier Becerra in crosshairs of Senate GOP ahead of HHS confirmation: Joseph Simonson
Republican Led States are More Prosperous, Period.: Jeff Davidson

Scandal Central

Biden's Brother Under Investigation for Role in Bankrupt Healthcare Firm: Haris Alic
Game On: Tom Cotton Comes Out Swinging, Calls for Hunter Biden Special Counsel: RS
‘Under the rug:’ Sexual misconduct shakes FBI’s senior ranks: Jim Mustian

China-Controlled Pelosi Defends Swalwell After Ties to Chinese Spy Are Revealed: Andrew Trunsky
Biden’s transition contends with probe into son’s finances: Indian Express
New Emails Show Impeachment Star Witness Yovanovitch Warned about Burisma Corruption: JW


Mainstream Media, Big Tech Coverup Collapses with Hunter Biden Investigation: Joel B. Pollak
The Disgraceful Hunter Biden Cover-Up: David Harsanyi
Hunter Biden news embarrasses media defenders: Byron York

Walter Williams: Prophet of Freedom: Star Parker
Rush Limbaugh says he believes the U.S. is headed for ‘secession’ after divisive election: Douglas Braff
Minneapolis Residents Say ‘Everyone is Afraid’ After City Slashes Police Budget: Hannity


Chinese Military Bases in The Caribbean?: Lawrence A. Franklin
Morocco joins Abraham Accords in deal with Israel: Joel Gehrke
Apathetic neoliberal state: Solidarity will strengthen workers: THT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The latest on the vaccine rollout: Cassidy Morrison
Britain issues anaphylaxis warning on Pfizer vaccine after adverse reactions: ST
Melinda Gates Is 'Incredibly Disappointed' That Americans Will Get the Vaccine First: Bronson Stocking


Actionable News: Stilton’s Place
Chicago Area Man Charged With Selling Device Turning Pistols Full-Auto: Tom Knighton
COVID-19: A Public Service Announcement: MOTUS

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