Friday, December 04, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: 'Smoking Gun' Video Shown During State Senate Election Fraud Hearing in Georgia

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'Smoking Gun' Video Shown During State Senate Election Fraud Hearing in Georgia: RS
Dominion contractor in Detroit: thousands of ballots were scanned multiple times: Sophie Mann
Trump lawyers claim 40,000 double votes in latest Nevada lawsuit: Caitlin McFall

Georgia governor calls for signature audit: Daniel Chaitin
To Vote or Not to Vote…in Georgia: Roger L. Simon
Nearly 1 Million Mail-In Ballots Requested for Georgia Senate Runoffs: Zachary Stieber

Joe Biden looks bent on restoring chaos at the border: Rich Lowry
Newsom Unveils New 'Temporary' Lockdowns for California: Bronson Stocking
Car Jackings In Minneapolis Up 537 Percent: Tom Knighton

Trump Gives 'Most Important Speech,' Charges Election Rigged: Eric Mack
A Hill to Die On: Marica1776
Trump says wait and see if he'll fire Barr: Mica Soellner


Biden Pledges To Hike Taxes To Bush Administration Levels: Jake Dima
A-hOle-C Stunned After Devos Says Canceling Student Debt a ‘Socialist Takeover Of Higher Education’: TPI
Biden set to push minimum wage hikes: Nihal Krishan

Scandal Central

Pro-Biden effort offered Native Americans $25-$500 Visa gift cards and jewelry to vote: Paul Bedard
Lou Dobbs Interviews Michael Flynn: CTH
Ratcliffe: We can't declassify all of Russiagate's secrets: Jerry Dunleavy

John Durham and ex-FBI lawyer duel over prison sentence for FISA email deception: Jerry Dunleavy
Georgia Governor Changes Tune After Trump Lawyers Present Troubling Video of Alleged Fraud: Bronson Stocking
Immigrant MI Poll Watcher Passionately Testifies on Election Fraud, Then Levels Dem Rep With an Epic Mic Drop: RS


The spectacular and deserved collapse of FOX is 100% deserved: Rex
Rep. A.hOle.C Offers $58 ‘Tax The Rich’ Sweatshirt: Virginia Kruta
LA fashion boutique Kitson shows no mercy to liberal political and celebrity ‘Hypocrites of 2020’: Twitchy


Pro-CCP Organizations in the US Influenced the Election: Trevor Loudon: Miguel Moreno
John Ratcliffe: 'If' Biden becomes president, he needs to rise to the China challenge: Jerry Dunleavy
Is Europe Ignoring Its Own History on Iran?: Ron Jontof-Hutter

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

COVID found in Red Cross blood samples show virus was likely here in 2019: Twitchy
California under tough pandemic restrictions and shelter-in-place orders: Cassidy Morrison
Leftist Politicians' Hypocrisy Demonstrates Shallowness of ‘Party of Science’: Jarrett Stepman


Canadian Man Drives Stranded American Family 1,000 Miles to Alaska: Judy Cole
'Science says' is a game anyone can play: Red Square
Will Underdog Arrive In Time To Save The Day?: MOTUS

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