Saturday, December 12, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Texas’ Unsuccessful Lawsuit Raises Voting Issues States Should Heed

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Texas’ Unsuccessful Lawsuit Raises Voting Issues States Should Heed: Zack Smith
SCOTUS Denies Texas Relief, Refuses to Grant Motion for Leave to File: Reason
Stability or Justice: A False Choice: J. Robert Smith

The YouTube Ban Is Un-American, Wrong, and Will Backfire: Matt Taibbi
Any Consequences For Gaslighting Americans On The Hunter Biden Story?: Ben Domenech
Swalwell Story Increases Concern That China Controls Democrats: Tristan Justice

4 Big Highlights From Wisconsin’s Hearing on Election Fraud Allegations: Fred Lucas
151,775 mail-in ballot records changed in official PA database.:
Why Some States Are Ripe for Election Fraud: Jeff Davidson

Pandemic Has Accelerated Beijing’s Plans to Surpass US, Chinese Scholar Brags: Nicole Hao
The Democrats’ Hidden Agenda for Destroying America: SDA
Radical, Soros-funded LA prosecutor decriminalizes resisting arrest, many other crimes: ABC-7


Chinese-Democrat Dark Money Network Rakes in $715 Million to Bankroll Liberal Causes: WFB
State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli just put the NY pension fund on the road to ruin: Bob McManus
Cuomo Shuts Down Indoor Dining in NYC... Less than 2% of Corona Cases Traced to Restaurants: Hannah Bleau

Scandal Central

Report: Barr's DOJ Intentionally Hid Hunter Biden Investigations for Months: Chuck Ross
Congressional Republicans Are Furious With Bill Barr, and They Are Right to Be: RS
Elise Stefanik calls on fellow Intelligence Committee member Eric Shartwell to step down: Zachary Halaschak

What You Need to Know About Chinese Spying on US Politicians: Rachel del Guidice
The Judge’s Opinion In Michael Flynn’s Case Was So Bad It Should Be Vacated: Margot Cleveland
Hunter Biden Email Names Kamala Harris Key Contact for 'Joint Venture' With China Energy Co.: Bryan Preston


Surprised by Hunter Biden criminal probe? Blame media collusion: Post
Facebook: Using Its Power to Crush Competition Across the Globe: Michelle Edwards
Dr. Larry Arnn On The Founding Of America And The Meaning Of 1620: The Federalist

Joe Biden Deflects Questions From The Press, Stays Silent On Criminal Investigation Of Hunter Biden: Federalist
Dana Loesch Brainstorms an Eric Swalwell Hallmark Christmas Movie and It's Pretty Close to Perfect: RS
The House Race Republicans Are Calling Pelosi's 'Most Bitter Loss': Bronson Stocking


Why the US bit back at China’s ‘Broken Tooth’: AT
PLA using ‘exoskeleton suits’ on Himalayan border: AT
China's 'super dam' near India's north-east: Statesman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

FCC orders US telecom companies to rip out Huawei equipment: William Gallagher
FDA Authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech Coronavirus Vaccine: Zachary Evans
I’m a Doctor. Here’s Why I Plan to Get the Coronavirus Vaccine.: Kevin Pham


I Cut My Hair With a Vacuum Cleaner and Oh Man, I Think I F***ed Up: Tom McKay
The Rebel Alliance Assembles – CTH 2.0 Mission Defined: CTH
“Makes No Sense”: MOTUS


commoncents said...

Coronavirus: Trump calls US approval of Pfizer vaccine “medical miracle” - VIDEO

The Gipper Lives said...

Although an idiot, Joe Biden was nonetheless a partner in the Spy-Gate Coup Attempt. To install him as POTUS would be to ratify the CIA-FBI-DOJ Police State Apparatus as a Permanent Institution of American public life. That simply cannot be allowed. And also because, you know, someone else won.

This was not really an election. It was merely the continuation of that same Coup Attempt under the guise of an election.

Elections are what we do instead of fighting out our policy differences in the streets. If we win, great. If we lose, too bad, try again. But when one side decides to steal an election on this industrial scale, blatantly and in your face, we are no longer morally-obligated to honor that social compact. In fact, we are morally-obligated to resist such an evil Potemkin Election fraud. Even more so when we know Joe Biden is a criminal, a paid employee of China, Inc..

We should keep trying by all available means to stop these political gangsters from overturning the landslide victory the American People gave to President-Elect Trump. But should he see the need to invoke the Insurrection Act or something like it in order to preserve government of, by and for the People and thwart this Constitutional Crime Wave, he will have our full and muscular support. And the gratitude of every patriot who ever lived.

Elections belong to us. Not the Swamp. Not the Big City Machines. Not to Venezuela, China or any other country. Not the Globalists, Soros or Zuckerberg. Not to anyone, anywhere, at any time for any amount of money.

We’re not for sale. You are–but we’re not. Not now and not ever.

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