Sunday, December 27, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: President Asks Legislators to Use COVID Relief to Help Americans and No One Else

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POTUS Asks Legislators to Use COVID Relief to Help Americans No-One Else: CTH
How the 'pandemic' will change if/when Biden takes office: Brent Smith
Dr. Fauci justifies lies, saying Americans can't handle the truth: Andrea Widburg

Nashville: A bomb blast unlike any other on American soil: Andrea Widburg
Anthony Quinn Warner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: Jessica McBride
FBI Exploring New Theory About Nashville Bomber and 'Person of Interest': RS

Legal Memo Outlines Strategy for Trump to Have SCOTUS Hear Election Dispute: PJM
Conservatives Demand Pence Reject Unconstitutional Electoral College Slates: NationalFile
Don’t Want to Follow the Official Narrative? You’re Canceled!: SDA


Selective Unemployment Benefits Expiring For Millions: Jazz Shaw
This is what you can expect from Biden’s climate agenda – immediately: M. Dowling
Cop Heroes at Nashville Bombing Show How Insane the Democrat 'Defund the Police' Message Is: PJM

Scandal Central

Democrat Governors Freed the Criminals and Killed the Elderly: Daniel Greenfield
Feds Bust Four for BLM Firebombings of Police Vehicles, Including Public Radio Journalist: RS
President Trump Asks 'Where The Hell Is The Durham Report?': Trending Politics


Anthony Fauci Has Known Since January That There’s No Such Thing As Asymptomatic Spread: WZ
Judge dismisses Nunes's defamation suit against Washington Post: Jordan Williams
NHL Penguins, valued at $650M, received $4.82M COVID loan: Larry Brooks


China’s deadly COVID cover-up was worse than we thought: NY Post Editorial Board
China at the center of Asia: AT
No vaccine yet for Cuba's political pandemic: Alvaro Vargas Llosa

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

After Review, Minnesota Lawmakers Say COVID Deaths Heavily Inflated: RS
UV light, respiratory catheter for COVID-19 from Cedars-Sinai seeking emergency use: BioWorld
Zoom Shared US User Data With Beijing: NTD


The Calm Within The Storm – President Trump Highlights January 6, 2021, Washington DC Event: CTH
Waging war below the waves: Special Forces combat diver school is in session: Abraham Mahshie
Brain Worms, Mondegreens and ‘The Hook’: MOTUS


J.P. Travis said...

I guess Rebekah thinks she is the only person in the world who feels bad about people dying, and the only reaction she can imagine for herself is accusatory outrage. The rest of us who consider ourselves grownups went through that stage in junior high and now feel embarrassed about it.

commoncents said...

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