Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: How I Switched From Never-Trump To Never-Biden

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How I Switched From Never-Trump To Never-Biden: Christian Alexander
For the first time in our lives, free speech is about to be criminalized: Daniel Horowitz
Here’s How MLK’s Vision Compares To Black Lives Matter’s Agenda: DC

Democrats Outsource Political Repression to Corporate Monopolies: Daniel Greenfield
No Thanks, I’ll Be Skipping the Inauguration: Kurt Schlichter
Pentagon: 'No stone unturned' in vetting National Guard amid insider attack fears: Times

Kristi Noem digs at Nikki Haley in possible prelude to 2024: David M. Drucker
The Beginning of the End of Liz Cheney's Political Career in Wyoming: RS
A New Fairness Doctrine? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: RS

Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration Could be Tough to Undo: Genevieve Douglas
Why the Left Has To Suppress Free Speech: Dennis Prager
WaPo Fear Porn: Super Secret FBI Report of Mass QAnon Hordes Planning to Invade DC: CTH


Biden To Shut Down Keystone Pipeline, Destroying Tens of Thousands of Jobs, “On Day One”: Jazz Shaw
Don’t Bother Learning to Code: Pedro Gonzalez
Biden Promises Science Will Guide Him. So Why Is He Canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline?: Bryan Preston

Near-Collapsed State of California will be 'the de facto policy think tank' for Biden team: Report: Michael Lee
Teachers Unions Fail Science: John Stossel
Yellen to Enter Firing Line on Aid as Biden Recession Looms: Bloomberg

Scandal Central

Inspector: Intel analysts downplayed Chinese election influence to avoid supporting Trump policies: Jerry Dunleavy
Trump must declassify more files, expose Hillary Clinton: Sohail Choudhury
Trump Revokes $120bn Licenses For Sellers To China’s Huawei: Natalie Winters

Severely Compromised Sen. Mark Warner About To Become Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee: CTH
FBI’s Joseph Pientka Testified Review of Chris Steele “Turned Off” By FBI Director of Counter Intel Bill Priestap: CTH
Where the Assault on Conservative Free Speech Is Heading: EIB


Maher: Don’t Confuse 5,000 Rioters With 74 Million Voters: Ed Morrissey
WaPo Op-Ed Blames ‘Multiracial Whiteness’ for Trump’s Popularity: WJ
McCabe: Trump Supporters Are Similar to ISIS Terrorists: Sara Carter

It’s a strange world where murderers are published, yet academics are cancelled and shut down: Celia Walden
The Trump Family Was Alone in Washington from the Beginning: EIB
Look at What He's Done And You'll Agree – You're Going to Miss Trump When He's Gone: Victoria Taft


China Joe to jet off to the United Kingdom to meet with Boris Johnson to plot the "destiny of the world.": Kurt Zindulka
Russian Judge: Navalny Must Do Jail Time: Jazz Shaw
WHO’s Xi Toady: Let’s Talk About The West’s “Catastrophic Moral Failure” Over COVID-19 Vaccines, Shall We?: Ed Morrissey

Academia is the epicentre of global antisemitism: David Collier
The Meaning of Life: SDA
Iran Reportedly Seizes 45K Bitcoin Mining Machines After Closure of Illegal Operations: Coindesk

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Get Ready for More Obama-Era Green Energy Scams: Stephen Moore
2021 Trends in Cybersecurity: CPOmg
This AI-powered ‘electronic nose’ can sniff out rotten meat: TNW


“The More a Broken System Tells You That You Are Wrong, You Must Keep Pushing Forward”: CTH
Joe Loves His New Grandchild: Earl of Taint
Interesting Documentary from across the pond...: Feral Irishman

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