Monday, January 11, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: I Now Better Understand the 'Good German'

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I Now Better Understand the 'Good German': Dennis Prager
Russian dissident Alexei Navalny blasts Twitter for Trump ban: Jon Levine
ACLU Counsel Warns of 'Unchecked Power' of Twitter, Facebook: Natalie Colarossi

Pics: 28 Times Media-Democrats Excused, Endorsed Left-Wing Violence: Tristan Justice
Parler CEO Rips ‘Coordinated Attack by Tech Giants to Kill Competition’: Craig Bannister
It Looks Like the Big Tech Conspiracy Just Killed Parler: RS

Parler and the Problem of Escaping Internet Censorship: Daniel Greenfield
Mob In Riot Gear Marches On NYC While Chanting ‘F— the Proud Boys!’: ElectionWiz
Reichstag 2.0: Was Antifa Handing Out Weapons During Storming of Capitol?: Jim Hoft

The Lib-Fascist Purge: Kurt Schlichter
It's not just Twitter: Numerous online services bar Trump, Trump content: Chris Enloe
Gun Control Groups Aren't Letting This Crisis Go To Waste: Cam Edwards


Biden Lays Out Stimulus Plan That Would Discriminate Based on Race, Sex: Leah Barkoukis
Californians should fire Gavin Newsom while they still have a state to save: Examiner
Climate Hero Bill Gates Bids to Purchase the World’s Largest Private Jet Operator: Eric Worrall

Scandal Central

The Night of the Tech Long Knives: Clarice Feldman
Natelson: There Is No Constitutional Ground For Impeachment Of President Trump: ZH
Dershowitz calls Trump impeachment a 'loaded weapon' that is 'so dangerous to the Constitution': Ronn Blitzer

14 things you can do about Big Tech censorship now: Sharyl Attkisson
Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says Pelosi, McConnell’s Sergeants-At-Arms Refused Security Measures: Pulse
Booth Lincoln Project Co-Founder John Weaver Accused by Multiple Young Men of Grooming for Sex: Sister Toldjah


If you’re surprised by the Left's embrace of censorship and suppression, well, let me tell you a story...: Doug Ross
Twitter CEO Mocks Coordinated Killing Of His Competition Parler: WZ
Instagram just banned one post for "violence and incitement"---It was a screenshot of Twitter's trending topics: NTB


Devin Nunes seeks intelligence on coronavirus origins and Wuhan lab escape theory: Jerry Dunleavy
Global Covid measures, a ChiCom plot against the world: Vlad Tepes
Definitely not Deep State US diplomats condemn Trump in State Department 'dissent channel': Tyler Van Dyke

Mexican President Slams Social Media Censorship Of President Trump: LI
UK faces worst weeks of COVID pandemic, accelerates vaccine rollout: Reuters
Meet the militants chasing China out of Pakistan: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Amazon nukes Parler! ‘Coordinated attack by tech giants’ says CEO, after it became #1 free app: Tom Tillison
Mozilla Threatens To Go Beyond Deplatforming In Creepy Statement: Pulse
Trump Campaign’s Website Dumped by Credit Card Processor: Arya Hodjat


Enough! There Was No Riot, Insurrection or “Storming!”: RS
Alternatives to Google Products for 2021: Sven Taylor
It’s Not Censorship: MOTUS


Trialdog said...

There were and are widespread media reports Trump incited people to riot. These reports are so consistent they could’ve been written by the same person. Then, the same media universally poses the question whether Trump can be prosecuted for his incitement. Then, across the board, social media and internet service providers block and cancel the President because of his incitement. Speaker Pelosi wants to impeach the President for incitement.
It’s sustained. It’s consistent. It’s accepted. It’s an unprecedented assault on the office of the President.
The only thing it lacks is evidence. Go ahead, read all the articles. Read the justifications. Read the anger. No one points to anything in the President’s speech that constitutes incitement. No one quotes the incitement. The transcript is published. There is nothing that constitutes incitement.
The greatest lie ever told by the democrats and their media was collusion.
Now, that is eclipsed by the incitement lie.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you, I would have deleted it myself, not the time.

Anonymous said...

Please, cover your nose with that mask and get on board, this is the train to Auschwitz.

commoncents said...

Fox Business News Video - Parler sues Amazon for kicking them off their server

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