Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden Administration Giving Illegal Immigrants Covid Vaccine Ahead of Americans

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Biden WH Giving Illegal Aliens Covid Vaccine Ahead of Americans: Katie Pavlich
U.S. Intel: China Wants to Steal Your DNA to Design New Virus Weapons: Lucas Ropek
Biden Advisers’ Deep Ties To Chinese Communist Party Propaganda: Pulse

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Confronts Big Tech: CTH
Why Is the National Guard Still In Washington?: Byron York
The academy refuses to teach military history, lest anyone learn from the past: Bloomberg

Free Speech, No Compromise, No Excuses, No Exceptions : Kurt Schlichter
Defunding Police Isn’t Answer, Say Black Mothers of Slain Children: Virginia Allen
Biden Brother Linked to Firm Involved in Lobbying Obama Administration: Charlie McCarthy


Kristi Noem, Here’s Something You Can Deliver for the American People: David Archibald
Real Socialism: John Stossel
Governor Hair Gel Newsom Moves To Further Cancel Landlords: Jazz Shaw

Scandal Central

Crashing the White House - December 18th: Patrick Byrne
Declassification and The DeceptiCon Agenda: CTH
Alleged coup conspirator Kevin Clinesmith has received a Temporary Disciplinary Suspension from the DC Bar: Techno Fog

NY Senate Democrats block subpoena for COVID-19 nursing home death data: Post
9 Election Reforms States Can Implement to Prevent Mistakes and Voter Fraud: Hans von Spakovsky
Montana Lawmaker Outlines Troubling Implications of Biden’s Executive Actions: Rachel del Guidice


White House Press Office Requests Advance Notice of Questions For Jen Psaki: CTH
Nunes says media, social giants shielding Pelosi from hard questions on Capitol riots: JTN
Professor Gad Saad Rips “Virtue Signaling” Seth Rogen A New One: David Lange

YouTube Cancels the U.S. Senate: Ron Johnson
Newsmax Host Walks-Off Set During Segment With Mike Lindell: CTH
Democrats’ Assault on Free Speech: John and Andy Schlafly


'Their goal is to destroy everyone': Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape: BBC
China Slams British "Brazen Thieves" As Hong Kongers Made Eligible For UK Citizenship: ZH
'Palestinians' Want London to Give Back 'Big Ben': Daniel Greenfield

WHO Team Will Visit Wuhan Institute Of Virology Wednesday: John Sexton
Hong Kongers move to Taiwan in record numbers: ST
Why Russians Are Protesting Arrest of Alexei Navalny: Alexis Mrachek

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

SpaceX’s 2nd Starship test flight ends with another kaboom: Marcia Dunn, AP
Archaeologists in Egypt unearth golden-tongued mummies: TOI
Ron DeSantis's Florida is the unsung success story of coronavirus: Examiner


We’ve turned teens into lockdown lab rats: UnHerd
It Only Works If You’re A Biden: Earl of Taint
Plow or Panda: The Choice Is Yours: MOTUS

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