Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Six attorneys general send a stern warning to Biden over his radical policies

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Six attorneys general send a stern warning to Biden over his radical policies: M. Dowling
Interview: Biden Ignores Hunter/China Scandal, Praises Genocidal Dictator Xi: Gabe Kaminsky
Time Magazine Details the ‘Shadow Campaign’ Against Trump: Jeff Carlson

With Work Stopped, 7 Things I Saw at Border Wall: Rachel del Guidice
Photos: Large Migrant Group in Mexico Boards Train for U.S.: Randy Clark
Pair of nail-biter races prove big disappointments for House Democrats: Kerry Picket

If You Thought the 2020 Elections Were Chaotic, Just Wait: J. Christian Adams
The Most Important Question About the 2020 Election: Dennis Prager
Richard Grenell: “They Want to Cancel Trump”: CTH

A Strange Game: Jim Quinn
Cut Off from Campaign Cash, Omar’s Husband Turns to Booze Biz: Joe Schoffstall
Hackers allegedly tried to poison Florida city’s water supply: Tamar Lapin

What Jeff Bezos Hath Wrought: Maureen Tkacik (NYT)
Effort to recall Gavin Newsom moves closer to becoming a reality: Michael Lee
California bullet train project to seek additional $4.1B amid delays and rising costs: Haley Victory Smith


Here Come the 'Climate Lockdowns': Rick Moran
CBO offers minimum wage reality check: Examiner
U.S. to Reopen $300 Million Facility as Overflow Shelter for Influx of Illegal Alien Children and Teens: JW

Scandal Central

How to Strike Back Against Big Tech Censorship: John Hinderaker
Today’s blacklisted American: Chase Bank blacklists Pro-Trump Covfefe Coffee: Robert Zimmerman
Supreme Court to determine if police can enter a house and take guns without obtaining a warrant: Scott A. Davis

Biden Nominates Radical Kook to Head Civil Rights Division at Justice Department: Hans von Spakovsky
Kerry bets on setting aside confrontation with China to combat climate change: Josh Siegel
Biden's CIA Pick Runs Think Tank Filthy With Chinese Money: BattleSwarm


TX Gov. Abbott working on bill to prevent social media from 'canceling conservative speech': Lucas Manfredi
Thank You For Shoveling My Driveway, You Nazi. LA Times Runs Bizarre Liberal Hate Column: Turley
Now liberals hate Springsteen too: Don Surber

Jaw-Dropping Audacity, James Clapper Says Trump Used Classified Information “To Target Political Enemies”: CTH
Demography and Destiny: John Hinderaker
Fox moves to dismiss $2.7B Smartmatic lawsuit: Mike Brest


Will the Trump Successes in the Middle East Survive?: Guy Millière
Anti-Semitic Left Rallies to Defense of Controversial Biden State Dept Pick: Adam Kredo
South China Sea: challenge to Beijing as French nuclear submarine patrols contested waterway: SCMP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Everything we know about Tom Brady’s extreme diet and fitness routines: Gavin Newsham
The Icy Surface of Mars: Robert Zimmerman
5 Lies That Beat You Down…: Randy Gage


‘The Queen’s Gambit’: The Accelerated Polgár Variation: Joe Dolce
Millionaire forced to tear down his illegal $70M French chateau: Sarah Paynter
Speaker’s Office Fully Restored Following Failed Assault On Our Democracy: Earl of Taint

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