Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Could Democrats pack citizenship for illegal immigrants into a COVID-19 aid bill?

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Could Democrats pack citizenship for illegal aliens into COVID-19 bill?: Susan Ferrechio
Psaki Refuses To Say If Biden Admin Supports Teachers Returning To School: Dinesh D'Souza
The Left's Push to 'Reform' the Courts Only Will Politicize Them: Thomas Jipping

The Leftist Fury is Unleashed as #BidenLied Trends: RS
Democrats Using School Children As Leverage For $1.9 Trillion Spending Frenzy: DC
DOJ Nominee Lisa Monaco Prosecuted Black Man Who Got 27 Years In Prison For Selling $20 Worth Of Drugs: DC

NATO claims Putin funding pro-Biden anti-fracking groups: Financial Times
4 Things to Know About Biden’s Lawless Pick for Homeland Security Secretary: Fred Lucas
2020 Chicago Crime Spike: Carjackings Double, Homicides Up More Than 50%: CBS-2

The New Americans: David Samuels
Unsurprisingly, Mitch McConnell Backs Liz Cheney: CTH
The 'Big Lie' And Big Liars: Derek Hunter


'They are playing with our lives': South Dakotans left on knees by Keystone decision: Barnini Chakraborty
Biden Wants to Kill 80 Percent of America's Energy: Stephen Moore
Schumer Is Wrong About Debt. Congress Must Take Debt Danger Seriously, Not Spend Recklessly.: David Ditch

Scandal Central

Biden wants to make his DOJ funnel money to the Left: Examiner
Pennsylvania official at center of Trump election concerns resigns: Steven Nelson
When Did CDC Become A Law Making Body?: Steve Rossiter

This Legal Hurdle Could Trip Up Biden’s Cancellation of Keystone XL Pipeline: Fred Lucas
DOJ Investigating Elon Musk For Not Hiring Foreign Applicant: CTH
Project Veritas Reveals Top Facebook Execs Discussing Plans to Help Biden Administration: Leah Barkoukis


Jabba the Conway: Hey, I barely knew the guy I founded The Lincoln Project with: Hot Air
Louder with Crowder is Suing Facebook: Louder With Crowder
Twitter blue check blames Myanmar coup on... wait for it... Trump!: Planet Moron


The United States Smuggled A Russian-Made Pantsir Air Defense System Out Of Libya: Report: Joseph Trevithick
Burmese Military Take Control Declaring One-Year Emergency and Voting Fraud: CTH
BLM'S Brand of Peace Deserves No Prize: Dr. Katherine Kuhlman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Yale doctor slams Fauci for his dismissal of hydroxychloroquine in COVID treatment: Michael Lee
FAA Approves First Fully Automated Commercial Drone Flights: WSJ
This Insane Picture of The Moon Was Actually Taken From Earth: ScienceAlert


Is Another Civil War Likely? A Historian Says ‘No,’ but We Should Still Be Concerned: Jarrett Stepman
Dad Who Just Sat Down Pretty Sure Kid’s Scream Wasn't Anything Serious: Babylon Bee
Buffalo Jump: Wolf Moon


Anonymous said...

"NATO claims Putin funding pro-Biden anti-fracking groups: Financial Times"

Hold on a second...is this another example of Democrats projecting their behavior on President Trump, or is Putin smart enough to play both sides to his advantage?

Because we've seen over the last 4 or more years that it isn't about Trump colluding with Russians.

Just saying

Once again, staying Anonymous to protect my Free Speech ;-)

Average Joe Bro said...

If the keystone pipe line went through L.A. instead of Dakota, with California collecting all those fees and taxes the Hollywood elite would be complaining there was only one....