Thursday, February 11, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Victor Davis Hanson Discusses Impeachment and Leftist Goals During Biden Administration

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Victor Davis Hanson on Impeachment and Leftist Goals During Biden Administration: CTH
How “Amnesty” Causes Human Misery, Endangers Public Health: Mark Morgan
Tom Cotton: Biden is Keeping U.S. Closed But Leaving the Border Open: John Binder

Gun control advocates 'confident' on Joe Biden executive action, legislative push: Times
Arizona Congressman Shares What US-Mexico Border Is Like Now: Rachel del Guidice
Sara Carter: Biden's immigration policy: how you embolden human and drug traffickers: Fox

Organizers Hit Signature Number: Force Recall Vote For Gavin Newsom: Report: DailyWire
Former ICE Official: 'Biden Has Declared the Entire Country a Sanctuary Jurisdiction': WJ
Impeachment Trial Redux: Ned Ryun

6 of Democrats’ Arguments for Disqualifying Trump From Seeking Office Again: Fred Lucas
Senate committee should examine all types of political violence: Examiner
In the Woke Revolution, Facts Are Irrelevant: Jarrett Stepman

Stop Calling It an 'Insurrection': Kurt Schlichter
My Nation-Unifying Impeachment Solution: Ann Coulter
‘Angel Mom’ Says Biden Creating ‘Super Highway’ to Border: Epoch Times

Scandal Central

WHO drops investigation into whether COVID-19 virus leaked from Wuhan lab, calling theory unlikely: Fox
WHO COVID Investigator Is Recipient Of Chicom Grant; Worked With Wuhan Lab For 18 Years: Debra Heine
Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes Discuss the Political Impeachment Circus: CTH

Time Magazine Gushingly Profiles The Successful ‘Conspiracy’ To Rig The 2020 Election: Joy Pullmann
Mike Shirkey, Michigan GOP leader: Capitol riot 'staged,' 'a hoax': Times
If you think they will leave you alone…: NC Renegade


White House Backs Mavericks Axing National Anthem Because US Fails 'Often': Jordan Davidson
Hillary Clinton: If GOP Senators Don't Convict, It Proves the Jury 'Includes His Co-Conspirators': Hannah Bleau
Rush Limbaugh continues to fight advanced lung cancer as staffers pray for remission: Fox


China Warns Biden Not to 'Flex Muscles' After Dual Aircraft Carrier Drill: Tom O'Connor
Merkel under fire for failing to choose sides between communist China and capitalist US: Fox
U.N. in talks with U.S. on Central American refugees applying for asylum from home: Yahoo!

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Science-Denying Woke War on Women and Girls Is Speeding Up: Stacey Lennox
China's private space exploration industry is booming: Thom Dunn
What’s most interesting about the Florida water system hack? That we heard about it at all.: Krebs


George Shultz: A Centenarian’s 8 Decades of Service Remembered: Helle Dale
Gab CEO Andrew Torba Bans Secular 'Paganist' Media From Interviewing Him. Christian Media Welcome: Megan Fox
It’s A Blessing. And A Curse.: MOTUS

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