Monday, February 15, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 02.15.21: We Mock What We Don't Understand Edition

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MMinWA said...

Jim Jordan is insufferable. Laura Loomer would have been worth 20 of this asshat. Where was old Jim when she was kicked off twitter and banned from running ads on FB? Just another Dc sleezeball. Note BTW, he's not banned. Gee wonder why?

My friend in w Texas says the Texas Electric Reliability Council is warning about 1-2 hour rolling blackouts, she just got out of a 13 1/2 one, had to stay in the car to keep warm. I imagine there are a lot of those worthless wind turbines in CA, I passed a place one time with than I've ever seen in one spot. But in w Texas they go on for miles.

Imagine a fossil fuel producing wonder like Texas having to resort to blackouts. Lay that idiocy on REgressives. Same with these worthless solar farms. There was a huge one right next to the town I lived in, not much good now.

Give the locusts a few more years to cram into the low reg, low tax state and they'll fuck it up just like they did CO.

Whitehall said...

I once spent years working on a new twin reactor for Texas. Obama killed it by offering the developer a sweetheart deal on a California solar plant that was instant money for zero investment. They dropped the 2800 MWe nuke and two weeks later announced the deal in California.

Last year the California solar project went bankrupt on the taxpayers loan guarantees.

Obama killed the nukes and the developer made a bundle of cash for zero risk.

That's how corruption in the energy business works.