Monday, February 15, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: They Can't Quit Him: Democrats Have a New Plan for How to 'Get' Trump

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They Can't Quit Him: Democrats Have a New Plan for How to 'Get' Trump: RS
The World Goes on While America Sleeps: Victor Davis Hanson
US mom found SOS in box of decorations—and exposed China’s re-education camps: Post

FL Gov. DeSantis Discusses Travel Ban Threats From JoeBama Administration: CTH
Watch: Seattle Antifa Show How Childish, and Dangerous They Are: RS
Republicans mount campaign against Democrats over lost pipeline jobs: Kerry Picket

Whataboutism Is A Nonsense Word That Defends Hypocrisy: David Marcus
Top five anti-American, extremist Biden nominees and appointments: Katherine Doyle
2 NYPD officers injured during violent Democrat-BLM insurrection: BPR

Biden kills pipelines at home but promotes them for the Taliban: Michael Rubin
Border Patrol warns of 'mass migration' under Biden's catch-and-release policy: Stephen Dinan
Rural Californians fight to reclaim state, even if it means starting their own: Mica Soellner


The Case Against Socialism, Part II: Dan Mitchell
California is collapsing: Joel Kotkin
Unelected faux scientist Fauci reverses stance: now we can’t reopen schools until... Stimulus passes: Emma Colton

Scandal Central

Dr. Navarro walks you through the avalanche of 2020 voter fraud evidence: ElectionWiz
Killer Cuomo Lied, Chief Minion Blames Trump, DOJ Family Business: Clifford A. Brown
Georgia refers 35 cases of election law violations for criminal prosecution: Michael Lee

Sunday Talks: Ric Grenell Discusses the New Police State in Washington DC: CTH
Cuomo's COVID Cover-Up: Techno Fog
Facebook’s Trump Ban an Example of Uneven Standards, Republicans Tell Oversight Board: Epoch Times


In Must-Watch Clip, Trump Attorney "Michael van der Veen, Citizen" Destroys Media: RS
Cambridge University Panel: Winston Churchill A "White Supremacist" Leading Empire "Worse Than The Nazis": ZH
‘Transracial’ Rachel Dolezal whines that she can’t get a job: Gabrielle Fonrouge

Graham says Trump is 'ready to move on and rebuild the Republican Party,' and is excited for 2022: Alex Nitzberg
Virginia College Forfeits Basketball Game After Suspending Players For Kneeling During Anthem: Rick Moran
WaPo Fact Checker Spins Kamala Harris Donating to Bail Fund, Ted Cruz Drops Him With Reality Check: RS

Yet Another Big Lie Behind Biden’s $1.9 Trillion COVID Bill: I&I
NYT Makes Remarkable Admission About Officer Sicknick’s Death, One Day Before Trump’s Acquittal: Kyle Becker
Creepy Children’s Climate Video: What if Humans Disappeared?: WUWT


Is China Creating a New Master Race?: Gordon G. Chang
Son of Iran’s last shah tells Israeli paper ‘no doubt’ regime nearing its end: TOI
"Confess Your Crime in Writing": The Persecution of Christians, January 2021: Raymond Ibrahim

Medicare-For-All in the UK's 'Do Not Resuscitate' Orders Drawing Anger: PJM
Biden Takes ‘Death to America’ Terrorists Off Terror List, Replaces Them With Republicans: Daniel Greenfield
Myanmar coup protects military’s business interests: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Bitcoin Hits $49,700 As Institutions Now Own 3% Of The Circulating Supply: ZH
NTSB: Electric vehicle battery fires a threat to first responders: Celine Castronuovo
NASA Perseverance Rover Seeks Evidence of Past Life on Mars: Heavy


Sunday Funnies For 02-14-21: Mike McDaniel
DIA responds to FOIA: Eh, We Recovered Debris From Spacecraft Not Of This Earth...: WZ
Texas braces for 'unprecedented' storm brought by polar vortex: Haley Victory Smith

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The Gipper Lives said...

MNN BREAKING NEWS…In Stunning Reversal, Trump Convicted In Senate Impeachment Vote

(Fallujah, D.C.) Although it was widely believed President Trump was acquitted, Senate Leaders Schumer and McConnell had the Senate vote tabulated in Shenzhen, China for a second opinion. In the recount, President Trump lost by a vote of 400,057 to 43.

“It was close, but the former president needs to accept these fair and certified vote results for the good of the nation,” said McConnell. He did not say which nation, however.

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