Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight: The New Math Edition

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Curated by BadBlue News, my replacement for Drudge


Average Joe Bro said...

I admire Kerry's bravery. He has managed to single handedly find and marry not one, but two ugly but very rich women. All while never doing an honest days work. I have nominated him for the Nobel biggest Playaaa award cause Climate pimpin' ain't easy...

The Gipper Lives said...

“Judge” Boasberg’s ruling tells us that the FISA Court was in on the Coup and wanted to be lied to. And Chief “Justice” Roberts handpicks every FISA judge. The Gangster Government Protected Its Own.

Individual exceptions notwithstanding, every single Institution of American Life has been exposed as rotten to the core and proven corrupt. Every. Single. One. Crooked from top to bottom, without exception. Not to mention all the foreign actors.

Twain was a sentimentalist. Hunter Thompson, a Pollyanna. H.L. Mencken, a cock-eyed optimist when measured against the cynical black-hearted evil that is the satanic Swamp.

The Courts. Prosecutors. The Parties. The Congress. The One Party Press. The Networks. Big Brother-Tech. Big Business. Finance. Entertainment. Education. Elections. Big Pharma. The Permanent Bureaucracy. The Military Brass. The FBI/CIA Police State. Even State and Local politicians were purchased. Everything’s broken.

All of those swing state Republican legislatures rubberstamped the Election Theft. They knew. They all knew. The Fix was in. The Fix was always in.

It is a good thing that the People now know that their government and the institutions they created to protect their liberties have been pointed back at them and are essentially a criminal conspiracy aimed against them.

Remember, stealing elections, spying on opponents, legislating from the bench and government-by-decree are all signs of weakness. If the People supported their evil agenda, they could simply pass these laws by regular means. The One-Party Junta living inside the Green Zone now plans to completely insulate themselves from citizens by expanding and institutionalizing Election Fraud. They can then create all the “voters” and “votes” they will ever need, at will. Any elections held before the great Shaking will be Potemkin Storefront Elections.

What kind of deal did McConnell cut to overthrow the President, throw the Senate like a bum prizefighter and end real elections in America? My guess is that in exchange for letting Democrats wreck the country for four years, McConnell got assurance that the Mail-In ballots and CheatWare machines will elect Nikki Haley as president and give McConnell back the Leader spot one more time before he retires to spend more time with his Chinese handlers.

They stole the presidency from Actual President Donald J. Trump. But not just the presidency. They stole the Senate also. And not just the presidency and the Senate–the House, too. But above all, they all chose to rob the American People of our Sacred Right to Govern Ourselves.

And that, we cannot allow.

Whatever It Takes.

MMinWA said...

The gipper lives gets the Comment of the Year Award.

Anonymous said...

Yep - The Gipper Lives hits it out of the park!

Don't forget the agencies betrayed our President too - DoJ/FBI and most likely the CIA was just as partisan and down-low dirty as the courts and the congress.

The military leaders were a disappointment and disgrace from Kelly to McMaster to Mattis to Milley and SoD Esper - were wusses and snits about keeping law and order - until Biden was installed by fraud, hook and crook.

Our border and other law enforcement people were possibly the only ones who really appreciated President Trump's support and policies.

Anonymous said...

RE - the "Asia Times" article on the US Navy's patents on alleged UFO technology.

What a hodge podge of truths, half truths and urban legends. Painful to read, even with a sense of humor.