Sunday, February 28, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Warren’s whistleblower bill turns Americans into government spies

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Warren’s whistleblower bill turns Americans into government spies: M. Dowling
Joe Biden Is Covertly Defunding the Police : Matt Vespa
Biden vs Trump On National Security: Here’s The First Month’s Report Card: John Ullyot

We're getting exactly the border crisis Biden asked for: Post
Biden’s Equality Act is a danger to women’s and conscience rights: Ryan Anderson
Holocaust memorial statues destroyed at Tulsa Jewish art museum: Morgan Gstalter

Ric Grenell CPAC Speech – America First Foreign Policy Is Here to Stay: CTH
Josh Hawley: 'Our Rights Come from God, Not Google': Wendell Husebo
Donald Trump's 'Revenge Endorsement' Is the First of Many to Come: Rick Moran

News flash: Democracy has been undermined by the Left’s behavior since 2016: J.E. Dyer
Trump to Target Biden and Blaze a Future Path for the GOP in CPAC Speech: Tyler O’Neil
The Evolutionary Advantages of Playing Victim: Cory Clark


Kristi Noem: “COVID Didn’t Shut The Economy, Government Shut The Economy”: CTH
Fauci and the Danger of Bureaucrats Who Benefit From the Problem: Daniel Greenfield
As an industry faces destruction, it grows a voting coalition: Salena Zito

Scandal Central

JoeBama Putting the Coup Crew Back Together Inside The DOJ - John Carlin Returns as Acting Deputy AG: CTH
Another Woman Accuses Gov. Cuomo of Sexually Harassing Her: Bronson Stocking
Multiple Democrats Call for Cuomo to Resign as Harassment Scandal Deepens: NBC New York


The antisemitic tweets of murdered Saudi journalist and “Wapo columnist” Jamal Khashoggi: JPost
Lying About Obama: Bruce Bawer
Judge Rules Miss USA Can Exclude Transgender Women: Brianna Lyman

When Will the Woke Go Full Caligula?: Benjamin Kerstein
Media accidentally reveal one-on-one Biden interview actually has Jill in background: DefiantAmerica
Mike Pompeo Shreds the Media, Blasts Biden: Rumble


Biden NatSec Advisor Jake Sullivan Claimed Al Qaeda Was ‘On Our Side’: Natalie Winters
Situation Rapidly Deteriorating Because of Biden Moves, as Iran-Backed Houthis Fire Missiles at Saudi Arabia: RS
2 US Navy Warships in Mideast Hit by COVID Outbreaks: NewsMax

China Buys Western Academics: Giulio Meotti
Myanmar police crack down on protests for second day; at least five dead : ST
Sweden: Antisemitism report states that Muslim students have ‘craze for Hitler’: JihadWatch

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Folly of Lockdowns Exposed in One Simple Graph: Michael Thau
Joe Biden Reportedly Will Keep Trump’s Sanctions On Chinese Tech Threats: Thomas Catenacci
Facebook is considering adding facial-recognition to smart glasses but wants to solve privacy issues : DailyMail


An Afternoon with Prince Harry & James Corden: James Corden
A rooster killed its owner with a knife.: NTB
More Leadership Lessons From Governor Cuomo: MOTUS


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