Sunday, February 14, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: With Biden, teachers unions are getting what they paid for

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With Biden, teachers unions are getting what they paid for: Examiner
The Coming Military Purge: Christopher Roach
Yes, Acquittal Is Vindication: Roger Kimball

Another "Equity" Member Joins Biden Administration: Twisted Marcia Fudge: Jason D. Hill
NY Senate Passes Ban On Unfinished Gun Parts: Cam Edwards
CDC Recommends Putting Hosiery over Your Face along with a Mask: John Fund

Trump wins again at Democrats’ vindictive impeachment fiasco: Beth Baumann
Grenell lays groundwork for California gubernatorial run: Politifaux
Pelosi Slams Republicans Who Acquitted Trump, Torches McConnell: Madison Summers

Trump Lawyer's Home Vandalized Amid Wave Of Death Threats: ZH
President Trump Attorney Michael van der Veen Discusses Trump Acquittal: CTH
A Message From President Trump After Acquittal: “Our Movement Has Only Just Begun”: CTH


"Power Bills To The Moon": Chaos, Shock As Electricity Prices Across US Explode: Tyler Durden
HHS to reopen barely used $300 million adolescent migrant 'overflow facility': Sophie Mann
Roaring Kitty to testify on GameStop alongside hedge fund managers: Reuters

Scandal Central

Democrat Strategy for Impeachment Comes From Racist Senator Who Sought Black Genocide: Daniel Greenfield
McConnell hints at criminal prosecution for Trump; assigns him responsibility for Capitol breach: Emily Brooks
7 Uniparty Senators Vote Guilty: Burr, Collins, Cassidy, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse and Toomey: CTH

Biden and Big Tech Are Coming for Us: Jonathan Garthwaite
I've Been Banned By Twitter. You're Next.: Wayne Allyn Root
Just Another San Francisco Corruption Scandal: WPIX Channel 5


Democrats: The Party of Attack Imagery, and Outright Attacks: Jeff Davidson
Michigan Ammo Maker: No Bullets For Biden Voters: Cam Edwards
Tonight We Dance: CTH


Biden Makes History: First President in 40 Years to Punt on Contacting Israel: Adam Kredo
US spy-busters put Chinese ‘grad students’ under a microscope: Richard Bernstein
Iran’s richly funded hollow propaganda horn: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Sound of Settled Science: Richard Fernandez
It works: 0 deaths, only 4 severe cases among 523,000 fully vaccinated Israelis: TOI
Canadian regulator clears launch of world's first bitcoin ETF: investment manager: Yahoo!


What pictures prove kindness costs nothing but means everything?: Supriya Singh
A Reminder About The Importance of Fellowship: CTH
Happy Snowy St. Valentine's Day: MOTUS

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Re: the tweet at the end of the page - BIDEN DID NOT WIN.

Trump won in a landslide - but the election was stolen my massive Democrat operations from changing machine algorithms to manufactured fake know the whole gamut of Democrat election fraud tactics they have used since the time of Huey P Long, the Chicago mob bosses and Lyndon Johnson.

As for our current situation - Unless the fraudulent 2020 Election is reversed, it doesn't matter what grand MAGA schemes and candidates President Trump and his teams may promote or how many huge rallies they hold.

It won't matter a hill of beans! It will be an illusion leading to more defeat and disillusionment.

There is no point in supporting any candidate or movement in politics when the elections are crooked and the justice department and courts refuse to enforce laws, and are partisan and crooked.