Friday, February 26, 2021

My Posts on Global Warming Are So Powerful That Google Is Actively Censoring Them

That's not a humble brag. That's a fact.

I was trying to find an old post I'd written on the origins of the global warming alarmist movement. I had copiously researched all aspects of the issue, from Dr. Michael Mann's tree ring analyses to Dr. Richard Lindzen's holistic assessments.

I simply could not find many of my prior writings using $GOOG search, even though I knew many had received a lot of traffic. Thousands of page-views each.

Using an alternative search engine (e.g.,, I was able to easily find my own article.

So without further ado, I urge you to read a bit, knowing these arguments were so irrefutable, so ironclad, that some Marxist loser at $GOOG with a low-band job was forced to put them on a blacklist for too much accuracy.

Please read, repost, distribute: THE UN'S IPCC GLOBAL-WARMING BUNKO SCAM. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it may change your life.

And as for the lowlife, progressive science-denier who thinks they know better than MIT professors: stop the digital book-burning, Mini-Hitler


Anonymous said...

G00gle not indexing your site, Doug?

Hmmm...I've worked in search for over 15 years, let's see here:

G00gle search string --> number of results --> 301, dating as far back as about 2005

4 articles from 2021
5 articles from 2020
4 articles from 2019
1 articles from 2018
7 articles from 2017
3 articles from 2016
3 articles from 2015

Well, seems it isn't just G00gle doesn't like your climate change stuff, maybe they don't like your site ;-)

Let's look at how G00gle indexes a 10 year old site having not just a blog (of about 385 entries) but all sorts of other non-blog stuff: --> 11, dating back to 2013

Only 4 are from the website's blog postings.

Huh. Maybe they don't like that site either ;-)

You're correct about DuckDuckGo: With safe search turned off they'll all the pages they've indexed. G00gle may only show pages that are currently popular, and they're pretty strict about scraped content - if no substantive value is added by an article it won't get indexed. And, they're fussy about a lot of other stuff.

Why is my page missing from Google Search?
Troubleshooting missing pages and sites

"How Google Search works"

I'm not defending G00gle here: I have no stake in them and don't like monopolies (of which they are one, deservedly or not).

Just saying. Good luck!

directorblue said...

With all due respect, you're off-base on this one. 95% of my posts are in the G search index (e.g., 2017 -> 895 listings).

But I have identified a few key posts -- all original content and research -- that have been removed completely from the search index:

1. A post about G censoring auto-complete terms that disfavor Democrats (since restored after Mark Levin tweeted about it).
2. A post about the United Nation's IPCC global warming bunko scam
3. A 2012 post ("Ruh Roh: Little More Than a Year Remains Until the the Polar Ice Caps Melt Completely") on the failed predictions of global warming alarmists

I'm sure there are more blacklisted items, but those are a few of the ones I've found so far.

Anonymous said...

I suspect as a webmaster you're using Google Search Central and if so I defer to your claim of indexed pages as it will display the pages Google indexed. As for what Google will display see my first reference (although, as you mentioned, your "Ruh Roh" post is original content.).

Ideally, site:[link] should return all pages Google deemed "reportable" from those they indexed.
Page 31 of 302 results (0.68 seconds)

FYI: Searching "roh: little more" - including the quotes to force a phrase search - will locate your "Ruh Roh" post in Bing, DuckDuckGo, OneSearch, Yahoo, and Yippy, but not Google or Yandex.


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Anonymous said...

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