Thursday, February 04, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Ex-CBP Head: Biden Decimated Border Protections With "Stroke Of A Pen" During Pandemic

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Ex-CBP Head: Biden Decimated Border Protections During Pandemic: Steve Watson
Schumer Used Violent Rhetoric To Sic Mob On 2 Supreme Court Justices: Mollie Hemingway
Fabulist A-hOle-C was not in Capitol building during 1/6 protest: Douglas Braff

Will a Hard-Left Turn Lead to Pushback?: Victor Davis Hanson
Senate Dem vs. Biden on Keystone, Urges President to Reconsider: Leah Barkoukis
Biden Press Sec Used Insult Condemned by Dem Officials as ‘Homophobic’: Collin Anderson

Psaki Ignores CDC Findings On School Reopenings to Keep Kids Home: Jordan Davidson
Split Senate reaches power-sharing agreement after weeks of talks: Susan Ferrechio
Hawley only senator to vote against all Biden nominees so far: Emily Brooks

Leftists Move to Alinsky MTG For Thought Crimes Against Totalitarian State Interests: CTH
House GOP Calls For Removal Of Rep. Ilhan Omar: OAN
House Republicans Vote to Keep Liz Cheney in Leadership Position: CTH


Video Reports – The Economic COVID Impact is Hurting Real People: CTH
Joe Biden’s ‘Wimpy’ Jobs Plan: Derek Hunter
The Risks of Too Much ‘Stimulus’: WSJ

Scandal Central

9 Election Reforms States Can Implement to Prevent Mistakes and Voter Fraud: Hans von Spakovsky
Don’t Enshrine Our Election Problems Into Law: Kay C. James
The Great Wall of Washington: Tony Perkins

Crucifying Jordan Peterson: Bruce Bawer
Talk Is Cheap,’ New Congresswoman Says About Left's Calls for Unity: Virginia Allen
Trump Appointee Files First Lawsuit Against Biden Administration: Beth Baumann


The NYU Study: The Claim Of Anti-Conservative Bias In Social Media Is Unfounded But Inconclusive?: Turley
Are we not fact-checking evidence-free claims anymore?: Becket Adams
Parler CEO John Matze Says He Was Fired by Mercer and Bongino Wing of Company: CTH


Chasing the Dragon: Peter Schweizer
On Iran, Biden must not squander the leverage Trump gave him: Examiner
Hong Kong Threatens to Knock Down Doors to Force Covid Tests: BQ

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

US Navy’s UFO-like patent raises questions: AT
IBM quantum computers now finish some tasks in hours, not months: Jon Fingas
If You’ve Been Working from Home, Please Wait for Your Vaccine: Steven W. Thrasher


John Kerry Arrives In Massive Coal-Powered Steamroller To Accept Climate Change Award: Babylon Bee
Warren Wants More Market Regulation; Worries Retail Investing will Hurt Family Casinos: Eloise Williams
Watch: divers find a guy alive in sunken tugboat on bottom of ocean 3 days after it capsized in storm: NTB


The Gipper Lives said...

In the otherwise good article "When (or If) Comes the Pushback?:, Victor Davis Hanson says this:

“If Trump’s pushback tried to return to traditions ignored during the Obama years, Biden’s reset promises to become far more radical than Obama’s entire eight years. Trump likely lost his second pushback term for two reasons—neither of which had anything to do with his reset agenda. First, the sudden 2020 pandemic, quarantine, recession, summer-long demonstrations and riots, and radical changes in voting laws all ensured that 100 million ballots were not cast on Election Day, derailed a booming economy, and finally wore the people out. Second, Trump underestimated the multitrillion-dollar power and furor of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the media, Hollywood, and the progressive rich. Those forces all coalesced against him and swamped his outspent and outmanned campaign.”

Actual President Trump won in a landslide despite all those things. He “lost” precisely because his MAGA reset took power, money and soverignty away from the Swamp and returned it to the American People.

Two minutes after the 2016 election, it was decided that the 2020 election would be stolen from the President and the People, and they stayed up all night in Detroit, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Vegas, Atlanta and Philadelphia until it was.

If Actual President Donald Trump had won 350 million votes, China’s Poodle Joe would have been given 351 million. Professor Hanson should know better. The Power-Mad Uni-Party has decided we will never again be allowed to have a government run for the benefit of the American People. They say the Government is their property, to be run for the benefit of the Swamp.

"We’ll see what happens."

Anonymous said...

OOPS. I entered this to the wrong thread. It should have been here. Sorry...

RE - the "Asia Times" article on the US Navy's patents on alleged UFO technology.

What a hodge podge of truths, half truths and urban legends. Painful to read, even with a sense of humor.
2:40 PM

commoncents said...

FOX NEWS VIDEO - Tulsi Gabbard accuses media of 'fueling' conflicts to drive up ratings

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