Thursday, February 25, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 02.25.21: "We Should All Be Dead By Now!" Edition

Curated by BadBlue News, my replacement for Drudge

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Curated by BadBlue News, my replacement for Drudge


commoncents said...

PRAGER U VIDEO - What Are Your Kids Learning in School?

Anonymous said...

Stewart was not drafted.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said..."Stewart was not drafted."

FYI, back in WWII you could enlist and be denied by the military. My Dad, for example, enlisted but was rejected due to a lazy eye. Doctor told him to do some exercises which improved his eye tracking, but before he went back to enlist again he was drafted, but the Government based his paperwork on his original enlistment form. Throughout the war he had to explain why a person who was "drafted" had the ID of an enlisted man.

Just saying.