Thursday, July 14, 2022

Comedy Break: The Future Sucks

Experiment: I recorded a quick standup comedy bit. It's about the future as we envisioned it as kids.

Just a few minutes in length. Click here if you dare (mp3).

Any and all feedback is appreciated.


AnechoicRoom said...

elmo: My girlfriend wears a locket around her neck, with a picture of my johnson inside.

Unsuspecting: Why, is it big?

elmo: The locket was this wide (hands two feet apart).

I wrote that, you can use it. I'll listen soon enough (in the middle of moving. Property sold, evicted).

I owe you. We all owe you.

directorblue said...


AnechoicRoom said...

Lots of room for improvement, delivery is everything. Too quick, runs together. And microphone/recording is mildly jumbled distorted (better mic, or positioning/distance. Mic may have been on a reverberant surface?)

Only one laugh at link (3:30 long). Bbbbut I did the vid juss for King Pigsh*t/Hussein da Membrane. The day after the 2010 Midterms.

William D. Ware said...

Need video. Not that funny. Timing.

MMinWA said...

Love ya man but don't quit your day job.

directorblue said...

Thanks, all!