Monday, July 18, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: After 18 Months of Biden, Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

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 • After 18 Months of Biden, Have We Hit Bottom Yet? Deroy Murdock
 • The J6 Motive: Trump Must be Removed To Retain Political Surveillance of U.S. Citizens CTH
 • The God Gap Helps Explain a 'Seismic Shift' in American Politics David French
 • Biden Halts Prosecutions for Most Illegal Border Crossings Joseph Simonson
 • DC Democrats beg for help as border states bus migrants to Biden's backyard Anna Giaritelli
 • Biden’s Collapse Exposes Rot in the Establishment Matthew Boose
 • Biden and The Destruction of Wisdom Victor Davis Hanson
 • Founding father James Madison sidelined by woke history in his own home Post
 • Report on Uvalde shooting: 376 officers responded, 'systemic failures' cited Daniel Chaitin


 • Our Political Leaders Have Failed the Black Community Armstrong Williams
 • Green Energy Threatens Reliability of Texas, US Electric Grids Bill Peacock
 • Sri Lanka Is a Wake-Up Call for Eco-Utopians Human Progress

Scandal Central

 • Whatever Happened to the DNC Law Firm With an FBI Search Portal in Their DC Office? CTH
 • Precursor, The Larger Motive of the J6 Committee CTH
 • Hunter Biden-founded company still holds 10% stake in Chinese firm Jerry Dunleavy


 • 100 years of the antisemitic boycott movement Elder of Ziyon
 • NPR Touts New 'Disinformation' Team, Conservative Twitter Has Field Day Tim Graham
 • Networks Ignore Biden/Harris Staffers Fleeing Crumbling White House Scott Whitlock


 • Iran says they have nuclear capabilities, Israel tells Biden to use ‘credible military threat’ Carter
 • Reporter’s Notebook: Iran sending Russia drones to fight Ukraine Examiner
 • Man’s work: Taliban direct women to send male relatives to take their jobs Cami Mondeaux

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Explainer: You won't overdose on fentanyl just by accidentally touching it Cassidy Morrison
 • US Marines successfully test air defense system using Iron Dome launcher, missiles TOI
 • Ghana confirms its first outbreak of highly infectious Marburg virus Al-Reuters


 • Film review: "Elvis" delivers a phenomenal performance through a hot-mess biopic Ed Morrissey
 • Confirmed: Good Guy with Gun Prevents Mass Shooting at Indianapolis Mall Rich Mitchell
 • Awww Monday Woodsterman Style ~ 360 - A Woodsterman

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