Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: How the Left Hopes to Seize Control of Local Election Offices

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 • How the Left Hopes to Seize Control of Local Election Offices Fred Lucas
 • Progressive public school teacher in a blue state: Things are as bad as you've heard John Sexton
 • Biden considers calling climate “emergency” as soon as this week Al-Reuters
 • Biden uses $171M in taxpayer money to help illegal aliens break the law Andrea Widburg
 • Here’s How The Post-Roe Right Can Reverse Anti-Family Government Policies Joe Popularis
 • Pro-Abortion Extremist Democrats Push to Extend ‘Sanctuaries’ Nationwide Emma Waters
 • Pelosi responds to questions about husband's insider trading charges Karen Townsend
 • Shadow President Obama Is Still Playing the Race Card Larry Elder
 • Furrowed Brows Deepen as Jake Tapper Accepts Results of Latest CNN Poll About Biden CTH


 • Russia's Gazprom tells Europe gas halt beyond its control Julia Payne
 • Prof in Australia Claims Climate Change is ‘White Colonization of the Atmosphere’ LI
 • ECB weighs bigger rate hike with safety net for indebted countries Al-Reuters

Scandal Central

 • “This is absolutely treason and impeachable”: Biden poised to send over $1 trillion to Iran in next six years Jim Patrick
 • Sri Lanka Is Just The First To Topple In Globalists’ Green Energy House Of Cards J.B. Shurk
 • Justice Department Designates Obstruction as an Act of Terror Julie Kelly


 • How the Media Polarized Us Andrey Mir
 • Big Tech Companies Practically ‘Own the Government,’ This Texas Lawmaker Says Virginia Allen
 • "This is not a George Floyd situation": Minneapolis mom berates BLM protesters after police shooting Ed Morrissey


 • 14 years after Obama won, Iran gets a nuke Don Surber
 • Pakistan’s Coming Collapse Should Worry the World Michael Rubin
 • Will China Shoot Down Explorers to the Moon? Gordon G. Chang

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • In pictures: Courage and ingenuity as Europeans tackle heat and wildfires Natalia Liubchenkova
 • Over 1,000 dead as temperatures in Europe hit 40 degrees EU Observer
 • Clinton/Obama advisor: Biden's too old to run for another term Ed Morrissey


 • Hero Who Stopped Indiana Mall Shooter Identified as 22-Year-Old Eli Dicken, Trained by his Grandfather CTH
 • 'Gremlins' Director Claims Baby Yoda Is a Shameless Copy Mitch Picasso
 • Libturd Tuesday Morning Woodsterman

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