Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Tucker Carlson Outlines How Democrats are Killing Our Economy and Standard of Living

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 • Tucker Carlson Outlines How Democrats are Killing our Economy and Standard of Living CTH
 • Democrats Prepare a Mid-Term October Surprise to Influence the Election RS
 • Starbucks, 7-Eleven announce closure of stores in high-crime liberal cities Sara Carter
 • The End of Private Car Ownership Daniel Greenfield
 • Don’t Sleep on China’s Global Develop­ment Initiative Fikayo Akeredolu
 • Leaked DOJ Docs: FBI Informant Says Proud Boys Did Not Plan to Enter Capitol Debra Heine
 • Abortion measures headed to ballots in at least six states Cassidy Morrison
 • Biden DOJ Rolls Out ‘Reproductive Rights Task Force’ Eric Lendrum
 • As Democrats And The Press Turn On Biden, Remember: They Empowered Him Federalist


 • Eva Vlaardingerbroek Summarizes Food, Energy and Farming Issues with Stark Advice to Americans CTH
 • U.S. Homebuyer Contract Cancellations Surge to 15% in June, Highest Ever Recorded Sans Pandemic CTH
 • Stop using state budgets to make inflation worse Examiner

Scandal Central

 • The ‘Chekhov’s Gun’ of Political Intimidation Kyle Shideler
 • The awful Uvalde surveillance video Hot Air
 • Treasury Department Will Give Hunter Biden Documents to House Republicans - if Dems Agree Levon Satamian


 • Neil Oliver Analyzes the Global Uprisings that are Rejecting the Build Back Better Agenda CTH
 • America's Retreat by 1,000 Small Steps Peter Schweizer
 • Shanghai sweats over small, but stubborn COVID outbreak already hampering economy Al-Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Why BA.5 feels different Ed Yong
 • 20 bizarre causes of death that the media is blaming on sudden adult death syndrome Daniel Horowitz
 • Rivian Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Planning Layoffs CTH


 • The New Kremlinology: Reading the New York Times Matt Taibbi
 • Pass the Hot Sauce Diogenes
 • Amazing Science Earl of Taint


commoncents said...

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Average Joe Bro said...

The Republicans better be wary of a well laid Democrat trap. The Dems will probably offer very little resistance when the Republican majority impeachs Biden in 2023. They will use that impeachment to push Biden out all while keeping thier hands clean. That way they will still be able to fundraise off of a "Republicans tearing the country apart" narrative. Before that happens though, Kamala will already have been replaced by either Bernie, Buttigieg or Newsom......