Thursday, July 07, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrats abetting intimidation are destroying civil society

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 • Democrats abetting intimidation are destroying civil society Examiner
 • No National Politician Will Go There – However, at Least Tucker Carlson Does CTH
 • Heads of MI5 and FBI warn of threat posed by China in first ever joint speech Daily Mail
 • AOC sees fines pile up for 5-year-old unpaid tax warrant Andrew Kerr
 • Ex-FBI leaders Comey and McCabe faced IRS audits Daniel Chaitin
 • Robert Crimo Dad: Don’t Blame Me! Kim Hirsch
 • Here's the Surprising Backstory of the Downfall of Roe v. Wade Mark Hemingway
 • Judge refuses to block law banning most abortions in MS; FL's abortion law reinstated Hot Air
 • Democrats -- and the media -- are giving up on Biden Hot Air


 • Joe Biden Is Sending U.S. Reserve Oil Overseas As Americans Cope With Record Gas Prices Tristan Justice
 • As BLM Encouraged Looting Businesses, It Received SBA Funding Adam Andrzejewski
 • Biden’s Executive Actions on Food Stamps, Obamacare, Student Loans Will Balloon Deficit, CBO Says Signal

Scandal Central

 • Clinton Hijinx: These Destitute Haitians Were Only Kids When A US-Funded Project Evicted Them From Their Land. Karla Zabludovsky
 • What Could Have Prevented Highland Park Mass Shooting? Douglas Blair
 • Report highlights three missed chances to thwart Uvalde gunman before school entry Ryan King


 • I think The New York Times is scared ... and more than a little racist NTB
 • Investigation Reveals White House Press Corps Is 12 To 1 Democrat Federalist
 • NY Times ‘forgot’ to print Declaration of Independence for the first time in 100 years Gabriel Hays


 • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Proactively Blames Russia for Pending Global Food Shortage CTH
 • Boris Johnson resigns, says process of selecting a new leader begins now Abigail Adcox
 • China Is More Likely to Attack India Than Taiwan in Near Future: Author Venus Upadhayaya

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Bill Gates: Let them eat bugs! Times
 • Corporate Media Insists Eating Insects Is "Really Delicious" ZH
 • Uruguayan Judge Orders Pfizer to Release Vaccine Ingredients Mark Schwendau


 • The Georgia Guidestones demolished after explosion 'destroyed' portion, GBI says Fox 5
 • DJT Lives Rent-free in Biden's Head, and It Seems the Lease Has Just Been Renewed Diogenes
 • Randoms Feral Irishman

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