Sunday, July 10, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Leaked data show US bracing for 161,000 unaccompanied children at border this year

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 • Leaked data: US bracing for 161,000 unaccompanied children at border Anna Giaritelli
 • NYC's Soros DA Throws Book at Bodega Worker Attacked by Violent Criminal Josh Christenson
 • Mayor Eric Adams gives DA Bragg a pass for bodega worker murder charge Post
 • Anatomy of a Really Vile Bit of Propaganda Clarice Feldman
 • A New Urban Threat? Squeegee Kids Becoming More Violent in Major Cities Rick Moran
 • Feds Seize 5,000 Pounds of Meth Setting Record for California Border County Bob Price
 • Carlson Outlines How COVID-19 Pandemic Reset Everything: Was it Done on Purpose? CTH
 • Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Hit With Fines And Warrants For Dodging Taxes DC
 • Trump lambasts Lisa Murkowski while stumping for Sarah Palin at Alaska rally Emily Jacobs


 • That relief at the pump? Enjoy it while it lasts Ed Morrissey
 • Wow, CNN claims, you can have all the power of a gas mower with electric and its easier and better! Ticker
 • Austria to reopen closed coal-fired power station, despite climate goals Gregoire Lory

Scandal Central

 • Laptop: Hunter introduced Klain and Biowarfare CEO weeks before Obama-Xi Wuhan Research Pact Mike McCormick
 • 4Chan Users Claim to Have Cracked Backup of Hunter Biden's iPhone and Are Leaking Info Nick Arama
 • Even the New York Times Is Now Amplifying Concerns About Biden's Age and Incoherence Nick Arama


 • The cognitive dissonance of the abortion debate captured in a single headline. NTB
 • Dave Chappelle's surprise Netflix special delivers a punch to cancel culture Karen Townsend
 • Musk's Latest Move Might Be 'Unbelievably Crippling' to Twitter Regardless of How It Plays Out Mike Miller


 • China has helped spread four epidemics — and COVID’s not the last Steven W. Mosher
 • Why is the Flawed Palestinian Cause So Prominent on the Hard Left? Alan M. Dershowitz
 • Norway: Muslim who murdered two at gay bar had deep ties to ‘extremist’ Muslim cleric Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Omicron OMG or LOL: New variant, same old normal? Ed Morrissey
 • Freshii’s ‘virtual cashiers’ make $3.75 an hour and have been called ‘outrageous’ — now it may go global Jacob Lorinc
 • NYC Pushes Indoor Mask Advisory for All as ‘Worst' Omicron Strain Fuels 6th Wave NBC-NY


 • Something Wonderful: Maybe the most wonderful something ever. American Digest
 • EU Parliament Declares Nuclear Power And Natural Gas As “Green” Energy Antonio Salazarinski
 • The Week in Pictures: Downfall Edition Power Line

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Wayne Wilson said...

Once these "unaccompanied children" get settled in , Don't like any of their relatives in to care for them. They put the children in harms way , arrest them for child endangerment.