Friday, July 22, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Americans Want Oil

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 • Americans Want Oil John Hinderaker
 • How Biden made the energy crisis worse Daniel Turner
 • Dems Openly Admit Gun Control Bill Will Confiscate Firearms In ‘Common Use’ Summit
 • Mayorkas Says The Border Is Fine Despite Blatant Chaos DC
 • Double Vaxxed, Double Boosted Joe Biden Has COVID-19 Again, Will Work in Isolation CTH
 • Biden Is Seriously Ill Dan Gelernter
 • Lee Zeldin attacked by man with brass knuckles at campaign event Jack Birle
 • Blue State Blues: The Bannon Trial Is a Farce Joel B. Pollak
 • Release the ‘Colbert Nine’ Records Julie Kelly


 • What Demorats Really Mean by “Managing the Transition” CTH
 • Climate Alarmist Explains Policy Targeting Farmers to end all Beef, Pork and Chicken CTH
 • EU Commission Asks all Member Nations to Reduce Natural Gas Use by 15 Percent to Help Germany CTH
 • Conservatives gearing up to fight Biden's climate emergency Haisten Willis
 • BlackRock Is Breaking the Wrong Kind of Records Bloomberg
 • Trucker strike in the Port of Oakland threatens supply chain disruptions Jeremy Lott

Scandal Central

 • VoterGA Uncovers Massive Election Fraud in Georgia Robinson
 • Judge rebukes Georgia prosecutor investigating Trump Ryan King
 • Latest Election Fraud Cases Underscore Importance of Election Integrity Katie Samalis-Aldrich, Hans von Spakovsky


 • Democrats always know corporate media will help them Times
 • James Lindsay is locked out of Twitter for tweeting "Ok groomer" NTB
 • Disney does it again: Gender neutral title replaces Fairy Godmothers at dress up salons Karen Townsend


 • US allies think Iran is playing Biden for time at risk of war Joel Gehrke
 • UK spy chief: Taiwan's future at stake in Ukraine war EU Observer
 • Stop calling them ‘Asian’ grooming gangs Hardeep Singh

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • GCHQ experts back scanning of encrypted phone messages to fight child abuse Bill Goodwin
 • Study finds the common explanation for how anti-depressants work is false John Sexton
 • China's zero Covid policy leads to a 'run philosophy' among well-off who would like to move to the US John Sexton


 • Massive Brawl Breaks Out In Magic Kingdom DC
 • Ladies and Gentlemen, the late, great, never to be dupli-cate Freddie King! (mic drop) American Digest
 • Buff Her Danno Earl of Taint

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commoncents said...

"You're done" - Rep. Lee Zeldin (R NY) attacked on stage, suspect immediately released