Thursday, July 14, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The Build Back Better alliance is fully vested in inflation

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 • The Build Back Better alliance is fully vested in inflation CTH
 • Illegal alien charged with raping 10-year-old Ohio girl who later sought abortion Asher Notheis
 • Texas Utility Officials Taking Additional Emergency Measures to Avoid Blackouts CTH
 • On Hunter Biden's own phone… CrabMan
 • Is America's immigration crisis causing the fentanyl epidemic? Anna Giaritelli
 • WSJ: The baby-formula shortage is getting ... worse? Ed Morrissey
 • Police in Maryland begin thwarting protests outside Supreme Court justices' homes Brady Knox
 • Game off? Manchin declares inflation "a clear and present danger to our economy" Ed Morrissey
 • NY Times Just Wants You to Know That It's 'Been Hell' for Ray Epps Nick Arama


 • Federalism Is Key To Demonstrating the Disaster Of Green Central Planning Francis Menton
 • US inflation at 40-year high with 9.1% DW
 • Preferred Pronouns and More: What I Saw at Teachers Union Convention Brenda Lebsack

Scandal Central

 • Germany's Energy Catastrophe Lea Booth
 • Liz Cheney Epitomizes Never Trumpers’ Betrayal Of Our Nation Federalist
 • Hawley: It Is a 'Religion' to the Left That You Affirm Men Can Get Pregnant Breitbart


 • NYT Democrat Voter Poll Shows Base Do Not Want Biden Reelected; Gavin Newsom Shows up at the White House CTH
 • To These Twitter Know-Nothings, Anne Frank Had White Privilege Jarrett Stepman
 • The Pretending Continues, Furrowed Brow Edition CTH


 • Mexican President Lopez-Obrador Offers to Bail Out the United States from the Biden Created Energy Crisis CTH
 • Former Trump Adviser Warns Against Ravages of Globalism Douglas Blair
 • US, Israel jointly commit ‘to never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon’ as Biden says military force ‘last resort’ Jamie McIntyre

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Victims of the Vaccine Mark Steyn
 • Why is life expectancy in the US lower than in other rich countries? Max Roser (2020)
 • Nothing Will Be Able to Hide From the Navy’s New SPY-6 Radar Kris Osborn


 • George Soros, Jill Biden put Hispanic conservatives at center of simultaneous news cycles Fox
 • Swamp Stompin’ With Honey Badger: Part 7 Adaptive Curmudgeon
 • Plain Old Libturd Thursday Morning Woodsterman

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