Saturday, July 09, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Authorities Arrest 2 Illegal Immigrants For Allegedly Plotting Mass Shooting

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 • Authorities Arrest 2 Illegal Immigrants For Allegedly Plotting Mass Shooting OAN
 • Liberal protest group offers 'bounties' for where conservative justices are located Asher Nothei
 • Biden teleprompter blunder latest in long line of awkward gaffes Jenny Goldsberry
 • Guillermina Fuentes Enters Guilty Plea in Yuma County Ballot Harvesting Case AzAg
 • 7 Philadelphia teens kill 72-year-old man with traffic cones Twitchy
 • Portland homeless break into vacant homes and police can't respond John Sexton
 • American pride is out here, hiding in plain sight Salena Zito
 • Wisconsin Supreme Court: Ballot Drop Boxes Are Illegal Zachary Stieber
 • Ohio lawmakers push suing men for pregnancy, ‘Life Day’ after Roe ruling JTN


 • "Shockingly Naive": Bloomberg's Tom Keene Wrecks Biden Official Over Absurd Gas-Price Blame-Game ZH
 • Germany’s Largest Residential Landlord to Impose Heating Rationing For Tenants Summit
 • Biden Admin Drops $1.5 Million on 'Transgender Programming' for Inmates WFB

Scandal Central

 • Biden: Did you hear about the pregnant 10-year-old who couldn't get an abortion in Ohio? Hot Air
 • Gun applicants will have to hand over social media for a review of ‘character and conduct’ in NY AP
 • 2 DHS workers charged in Chinese Communist Party spying scheme AMN


 • Bring On The Lawsuits: Elon Musk Terminates Deal To Buy Twitter ZH
 • How Low Can NPR Go? Power Line
 • Government-Funded Booklet Teaches Canadian Kids to be Suspicious of “Free Speech” Summit


 • ‘Digging Up Seeds’: FBI, MI5 Warn Against Rampant Chinese Espionage. DrillDown
 • Why Is Bill Gates In London At The Same Time Boris Johnson Resigned ? threadsirish
 • Protesters Storm Presidential Palace in Sri Lanka After Climate Hysteria Destroys the Nation RS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • After month-long COVID bout, Fauci claims quad vaxxed status prevented ‘severe’ disease Jordan Schachtel
 • Outbreak of highly contagious Ebola-like virus a ‘serious concern’ Telegraph
 • US Army strips pay and benefits from 60,000 unvaccinated National Guardsman BPR


 • Neo-Feudalism: Klaus Schwab, the WEF, and The Great Reset Rawles
 • Gallup: Confidence in one institution plunges from 2021 for some reason Ed Morrissey
 • Hunter Biden Has Some Very Interesting Thoughts About Jill Biden RS

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