Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: What is Adam Schiff Hiding?

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 • What is Adam Schiff Hiding? Julie Kelly
 • Sen. Grassley describes FBI coverup of Hunter Biden foreign influence peddling @KingmakerFT
 • Migrant deaths at southern border soar to new high under Biden Anna Giaritelli
 • China doubles down on Pelosi's Taiwan trip Jazz Shaw
 • New Crowdfunding Craze in Minneapolis: Police Stephen Green
 • Media and Select Committee Continue to Lie About Sicknick Julie Kelly
 • Senator Liawatha Rants Big Mad with Forked Tongue CTH
 • Democratic divisions on Israel loom large in Michigan House primary Katherine Doyle
 • SCOTUS and media silence: Whatever happened to the leak probe? Ed Morrissey


 • Biden administration redefines 'recession' ahead of possibly damaging GDP report Examiner
 • Walmart Plunges After Slashing Profit Outlook, Blames Fuel/Food Costs ZH
 • Chinese spy program targeted Federal Reserve as economic espionage op, senator warns Jerry Dunleavy

Scandal Central

 • Biden Admin Seeking To Give ID Cards, Government Benefits To Illegal Immigrants Lord
 • SEC charges former GOP Rep. Stephen Buyer with insider trading Christina Wilkie
 • Whistleblowers Claim FBI, DoJ Downplay Negative Hunter Biden Info Paul Bois


 • Even CNN Panel Cannot Support the Biden Administration Redefining Recession CTH
 • Exposing the dirty tricks that the mainstream media uses to manipulate @Twitter and dupe you Gurbaksh Singh Chahal
 • Western Media and Western Govt Continue Saying, Falsely, Global Food Crisis Caused by Russia CTH


 • Tucker Carlson Outlines Ukrainian Blacklist of American Critics, Including Rand Paul, Glenn Greenwald, Tulsi Gabbard CTH
 • Arabs: 'US President Decided to Tamper with [Middle East] Security for No Reason...' Khaled Abu Toameh
 • The revenge of Italian democracy Frank Furedi

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • The corruption of medical science is surges on Robert Zimmerman
 • COVID-19 vaccine mandate sparks crisis in National Guard Jamie McIntyre
 • DEI: Here’s why Digitas made its anonymous CV tool free for rivals Ellen Ormesher


 • Twenty‐​Five Years after Promising Autonomy, China Has Turned Hong Kong into China Doug Bandow
 • Juvenile fight breaks out in Universal Studios Orlando parking garage Fox
 • Oh No! CNN's New Chief Said To Be Trying To Woo Our Squinty & Meat Puppet Diogenes

1 comment:

The Gipper Lives said...

Twenty‐​Five Years after Promising Autonomy, China Has Turned Hong Kong into China--Doug Bandow

Also America.

We were told that if we normalized relations with China, market forces
would eventually liberalize them and their people would gain freedom.

But instead of China becoming more like us, we’ve become like them.

Instead of the US freeing China's people, China is trying to oppress
the American people--with their domestic collaborators.

We have a corrupt and greedy political class like China.

We see Big Tech oligarchs suppressing speech to protect that Ruling Class.
Just like China.

We see a One-Party Media ignoring corruption and hiding the crimes of the Regime,
just like China.

We have a two-tiered justice system; one for Party Members, another
for everyone else, just like China.

We have spies and secret police that sponsor coups, jail opponents and
target non-Party members. China does that.

We even have revolutionary mobs in the streets and on the campuses
just like Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

And we have rigged elections–just like China. They even helped our
Traitor-class Garbage Elites rig them against us. They are active partners with their Chinese employers against Americans.

And we can never surrender to that. Not now, not ever.