Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden Family Sought To Make Money By Giving China ‘Preferential Access’ To US Energy

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 • Biden Family Sought Money by Giving China ‘Preferential Access’ To US Energy Luke Rosiak
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 • J6 Committee Using Innocents’ Assertion Of Constitutional Rights As Proof Of Guilt Margot Cleveland
 • Biden White House Intrigue Intensifies: 'Replace Harris' Mike Miller


 • Why Biden Is Putting Us In Danger Shellenberger
 • The Façade Of California's Economy Is About To Crumble ZH
 • Texas Authorities Urgently Beg Residents to Turn Off Air Conditioning Because There is No Wind to Power the Windmills CTH

Scandal Central

 • ‘Pedo Pete’: Massive 4Chan Hack Of Hunter Biden’s Explicit Texts, Images, Videos Rocks The Internet Kay Smythe
 • Cruz Demands Garland Explain Why He Hasn’t Stopped Illegal Protests Over Abortion Outside Justices’ Homes Evalyn Homoelle
 • NYC DA's murder charge against clerk who was attacked is ‘inexplicable,' experts say Fox


 • It Looks Increasingly Like the Story About the Ohio 10-Year-Old Pregnancy and Cross-State Abortion Was a Hoax CTH
 • Musk says time for Trump to 'hang up his hat' and 'sail into the sunset' Abigail Adcox
 • Gallup: Trust In Media Hits Historic Low Summit


 • Political Corruption in The Netherlands and How the Dutch Farmer Protest Connects CTH
 • Ukraine war to be 'decided on the battlefield', NATO official says Euronews
 • Why Biden's 'Gestures' to the Palestinians Will Not Bring Peace or Stability Bassam Tawil

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

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 • Is the U.S. quietly experiencing its worst wave of COVID ever? Hot Air
 • BMW starts selling heated seat subscriptions for $18 a month James Vincent


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Average Joe Bro said...

The most shocking thing about the Hunter Biden story will not be what's on his laptop and phone but rather what the Chinese have on him is probably far, far worse......

commoncents said...

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