Saturday, July 30, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Is The J6 Committee Trying To Get Trump Re-Elected?

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 • Is The J6 Committee Trying To Get Trump Re-Elected? J.B. Shurk
 • ‘Build Back Better’ Bill Would Fund 86,000 Additional IRS Agents Federalist
 • WH Slams Texas, Ariz. For Sending Migrants To D.C. OAN
 • A Corrupt and Rigged Government Pete McArdle
 • Biden's Title IX rule could mean your daughter's college roommate will be a man Fox
 • Ethan Liming murder: Ohio grand jury indicts 3 suspects on lesser charges Fox
 • Understanding the Constitution: The Great Forgetting Rob Natelson
 • West Virginia Might Just Save the Republic If Other State Leaders Get on Board PJM
 • A ‘Farce’: What Wyoming Voters Really Think Of Liz Cheney And Her Sham J6 Committee Tristan Justice


 • Fed gauge on inflation hits 40-year high Ed Morrissey
 • Tucker Carlson Outlines the Great Pretending Around the Biden Economic Policy CTH
 • Public Pensions’ Lost Decade Steven Malanga

Scandal Central

 • U.S. Postal Service Opens Political Division For Mail-in Election Ballots, DNC Lawyer Mark Elias Ecstatic CTH
 • Whistleblowers Say FBI, DOJ Have Double Standards OAN
 • How Fauci and Grady Degraded the Standards of Ethical Requirements for Clinical Research in the US Popular Rationalism


 • Wikipedia Attempts To Change The Definition Of ‘Recession’ 41 Times DC
 • No, Politico, Joe Biden Was Never In The Game Jordan Boyd
 • Conservative lawyer Jenna Ellis locked out of Twitter for using the word "groomer" NTB


 • The U.S. is unprepared for the coming conflagration Caroline Glick
 • Indonesia, U.S. to hold military exercise amid heightened Indo-Pacific tensions Al-Reuters
 • Anarchy rules South Africa Brian Pottinger
 • China accuses White House of lying about Biden bringing up genocide, forced labor with Xi Fox
 • Washington Will Fight Russia to the Last Ukrainian Doug Bandow
 • Russia's Gazprom halts gas supplies to Latvia Al-Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Why heat pumps sum up all that is wrong with 'net zero' Telegraph
 • Why is the baby formula crisis still getting worse? Jazz Shaw
 • The Media Is Just Lying To You About Climate Change Bongino


 • Shocking photos snapped in 23 countries show wildlife tangled in face masks and disposable gloves Daily Mail
 • Did Harvey Weinstein's secret physical deformity motivate his extreme behavior? John Sexton
 • This Week In Pictures Power Line

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